How to Not Be a Freshman

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Some of you are about to finish up your first semester at college, and some of you are looking forward to next August when you'll move into your dorms. I think it's safe to say that between finals and starting a whole new chapter in life, both groups are nervous. For those arriving at Mississippi College next August, there are a few tips and tricks to skip over the "I'm obviously a Freshman here" stage which we all would have appreciated knowing before coming to college. I definitely would've appreciate these tips. My lanyard didn't leave my person for the first few days (but at least it was a cute one). 

1. Lose the Lanyard

This is the number one way that upperclassmen spot freshmen on campus. Sure, you might think this is a handy way to carry your keys or, if you're ambitious, your wallet. We were all guilty of this, so don't feel bad if you have to do this out of necessity. Just know a lanyard is essentially a blinking sign saying "FRESHMAN."

2. Learn the Campus

It's okay to not know where your building is on the first day of class. Please ask someone if the alternative is being late for class or missing an important meeting! However, don't be that person asking for directions months into classes. Check out the campus map instead. 

3. Expect to work hard 

College is not one big party. I know that movies and TV have led you to believe otherwise, but expect to work hard. Don't whine to your professor if she schedules a test for the same day that your other classes have tests. This is college. You're here to learn, and sometimes that means giving up free time to study. If you're the person on the Quad, hanging in your hammock, and listening to music all day everyday, maybe take another look at your syllabus. 

4. Learn to be alone 

I know that coming to college is scary, and I know that you've heard that you'll find your group of friends for a lifetime. While at MC, I've made incredible friends that will be a part of my life for years to come. However, I learned to do things without them. As a Freshman, I was apprehensive about going to an event, meeting, or service alone, but once I realized that I didn't need a big group around me all the time, I learned to be alone. 

5. Respect Quiet Hours

Okay, maybe I'm just a grumpy senior on this one, but my freshman year I would be woken up by girls squealing in the halls at 3 AM. Don't be this person. Please. Your roommate, suitemates, and the other people on your hall will thank you. 

For those you about to begin college in the Fall, keep these things in mind. It might make your transition to university easier; however, if you want to wear a lanyard, wear it! Be you; have the freshman experience; make memories. After the year is up, you'll be able to look back and laugh at all the fun you had, all the friends you made, and that time you almost woke up your roommate coming in at 3 AM. 

--Mary, former lanyard wearer 

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