Thinking Ahead for Summer

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Summer is here, friends. Well, actually October is here and summer is many months away. However, here at the Tower, we've got summer on the brain. It's only fall, but applications and interviews for many summer jobs and internships are already open or will be open soon. If thinking about summer this early stresses you out, never fear. I'm here to share with you some different ways to make the most of your summer. 

Working at camp is one of the most popular ways that MC students spend our summers. You get paid to wear crazy costumes, make a fool of yourself, and share the Gospel with kids. Plus, you come out of the summer with a great tan and plenty of hilarious stories. My friends and I work at at a variety of camps such as WinShape, Pine Cove (where I work and you should too), Lake Forest Ranch, and FUGE. Almost every week of the fall semester, at least one camp (or like ten) will be in the caf or on the quad. Some camps offer half summer positions which give you the rest of your summer to do whatever you want. If you don't want to be a counselor, no worries. Camps are also looking for different positions like worship leaders, lifeguards, media, cooks, or work staff.

Doing an internship for all or part of the summer is a great way to prepare for your future career. Many of my friends got internships because of people that they knew. Make the most of the connections that you have. Don't be afraid to ask a local business if they have internships available. If you know someone who has your dream job, ask if they would let you shadow them to see what their job looks like on a daily basis. Being an intern is great for your resume and gives you a practical look at what your future could be. Plus, the connections you make as an intern could even lead to a job one day. 

Study Abroad
If you want to travel internationally and get class credit (which sounds pretty great to me), then check out study abroad. MC offers summer programs in Spain, China, France, Japan, Nicaragua, and Peru. A few Choctawkers spent last summer studying abroad in Spain and they're always talking about it. If a program that you want isn't offered through MC, talk to your professors. They'll work with you to find or develop a program that works for you.

Mission Trips
Another great way to see the world this summer is through mission trips. Some churches and missions organizations offer trips that are a few weeks long, while some have trips that last all summer. Many MC students have done US and international missions through the Baptist Student Union or Adventures in Missions. Mission trips let you experience the culture of a new place and give you opportunities to serve and spread the Gospel in new ways.

Summer Jobs
From lifeguards to nannies to baristas, so many different types of summer jobs are available. Some people live at home and work at a local business, while others want to find a job in a new city so they can explore. Even if your job isn't in the field you want to go into, that's ok. Summer jobs give you valuable work experience and are often flexible enough to give you time to travel or spend with family and friends.

Hearing about all of the different things you can do this summer may excite you. Or it may terrify you, and that's ok too. Explore different options. If something is interesting to you, learn more about it. Those three months without school are completely yours, so give yourself time and grace to figure it out. Spend a few hours on Google and see what opportunities you find. Wherever you end up, make the most of it. Learn all that you can and love the people around you. Happy searching.

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