Fall Break

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I have great news. Fall Break is upon us, and I am ecstatic. Around this time every year, I desperately need a break from papers and tests, and Fall Break is just that. While it may be tempting to just hole up in my apartment, binge watch Netflix, and sleep, Fall Break is an opportunity to explore and have fun. If you are having a hard time thinking of ways to spend your break, we have some ideas. Here are some of the ways the Choctawk team members are spending our long weekend. 

A Renaissance Fair 

You read that correctly. One of our staffers is headed to Florence, Alabama to spend the day at the Renaissance Fair. With jousting, performances, and food, what's not to love? 

Road Trip 


Hop in the car with some friends, create a great playlist, and drive somewhere fun. That's what several Choctawkers are doing over the break. Not only do you get to spend time with friends, but also you can experience a new city. 

Day Trips


If a long trip isn't an option, take a short day trip. Memphis and New Orleans are a few of the cities our staffers plan on visiting over the break. You can see a lot in a day, and you don't have to pay for somewhere to spend the night. 

A Bonfire (S'mores included)

It's fall. What says fall more than a bonfire? Not many things. One staffer is planning on spending her fall break roasting some marshmallows and eating s'mores. 

A Haunted House


It is October, which means Halloween is upon us. One Choctawker is planning on going to a Haunted House to get in the Halloween spirit. If you aren't feeling the scary-side of October, maybe make fall flavored foods for your friends.

Camping & Hiking

The weather is beautiful this time of year, so why not get outside over the break? Camping and hiking can be a lot of fun when you take friends with you. That's why one Choctawker plans to camp in the mountains of Georgia over the weekend.

Visiting Friends

Why not catch up some old friends over the break?  This is a great opportunity to invest in and make new memories with those you don't get to see often. Bonus points if your friends live somewhere cool. One of our bloggers is going to LA to see her friends. 


Several of the Choctawk team members are going to spend their breaks volunteering in the parts of Louisiana that recieved serious flood damage. There are numerous opportunities to help if you look for them, so consider spending your Fall Break serving others. 

So that's how we will be spending our long-weekends. We hope you have a restful but exciting Fall Break! 

Nolie, the one who is roadtripping

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