Close Quarters

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On Christmas break my freshmen year somebody at church asked how I was enjoying my time at home. I fired back a snarky remark that I had no earthly home in the hopes of mimicking a C.S. Lewis saying about being made for a greater place than this world. My mom somehow caught wind of this comment and reprimanded me when we got home.

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.
— C.S. Lewis

I'm from Brandon, Mississippi. It's about thirty minutes from away from MC. I still hold that heaven is my true home, but I'll acquiesce that I was out of line to respond sarcastically to such a genuine question. Hopefully this shows that I've grown (a little bit) from my freshmen year. As I reflect on my years in university, I value these three perquisites of attending school  close to home.

takeaways from a senior who went to college close to home

1. Convenience-

On career day in third grade, I donned a mismatched costume with a multi-color wig and red foam nose to portray my dream of being a circus clown. Beyond the gaffs of the modern jesters, my favorite part of the circus was the tightrope walkers. In the same way that these risk-takers step carefully high above the ground, college allows you to pursue greatness at your own pace. For me, the convenience of living close to home has been my proverbial safety net. Whether I've ever left something at home over a break, ordered something from Amazon to my home address, or wanted to eat lunch with my parents, it has only been a benefit that I went to school thirty minutes away.

2. No (actual) stigma-

Before school started, I held the incorrect assumption that it would be lame to go to university so close to my hometown. When I arrived on campus, I realized that this was all an unnecessary, if not irrational, thought process. I still had my own space (Chrestman 31), and I actually had an advantage over other students because I knew my way around the Jackson-Metro Area. Basically, nobody cared that I was from just a few towns over; we were all freshmen trying to learn how to navigate the world of college. 

We were so young, we had no idea
that life was just happening.
— Souvenirs - Switchfoot

3. Friend Hotel- 

The proximity of my house to MC has created an opportunity to host my friends who live far away at the end of the term. Almost every semester (and a couple of Easters to boot) I've had the privilege of having friends over before they begin the long drive or early flight back to their family. It's been a lot of fun for my family to meet the people I hang out with at school, and I hope it's been a blessing to those who have slept on our couch.

Thanks for reading, and know that whether you live near or afar, that God will be with you wherever you are.


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