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After a couple of years working at the Choctawk and volunteering as a Scout, I feel (mostly) qualified to write this blog where I answer prospective students' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Keep reading, and you'll have your questions answered. 

1. What Does "Room and Board" Include?

"Room and Board" is a phrase I'm often asked about on tours. "Room and Board" can have different meanings for different schools, but at MC, "R&B" covers your housing and your meal plan. 

2. What Does the Meal Plan Cover?/Where Can I Eat on Campus?

Your meal plan will give you nineteen meals a week in the Caf (not included are breakfast on Saturday and Sunday). In the Caf, you'll find a grill line, a pizza line, a deli line, an entree line, and an international line. There's also a hummus station, a vegetarian station, and a salad bar. 

In addition to the meals in the Caf, you get 200 points per semester to spend on campus dining. One point equals one dollar. The two campus dining options are Pimento's and 1826. Eat here on days when you're not craving the Caf or when your schedule doesn't line up with Caf hours. 

3. Should I Choose a Community or Suite Style Residence Hall?

For freshman, there are two types of residence halls you can choose from, unless you're a boy. For the men, only community style residence halls are available. For girls, you get a choice.

Community style residence halls mean that you have a bathroom that your hall shares. Pro: You really build a community with the girls on your hall. The other option is suite style, which is what I lived in Freshman year. You'll live with one roommate and will have a sink between the two of you. The shower and toilet area will be shared between you, your roommate, and your next door neighbors. Pro: You'll have a little more privacy and space to spread out your toiletries.

4. What are Clubs and Tribes?

Clubs and Tribes are MC's version of sororities and fraternities. Men rush Service Clubs, and women rush Social Tribes. They are a fantastic way to get involved on campus. 

5. How Else Can I Be Involved on Campus?

Rushing a club/tribe is not for everyone, so MC offers several other ways to be involved. Play an intramural sport, or audition for a theatre production. There are also other clubs/teams you can join, like Debate Team, as well as honor societies. For a full list of student activities, click here

6. What Is a Choctaw?

The Choctaws are a Native American tribe in Mississippi. MC has a wonderful relationship with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians who support our use of the Choctaw name. 

7. What Should My Major Be/How Do I Pick a Major?

No one knows what your major should be except for you. To pick a major, I suggest asking yourself these questions: What are you passionate about? What excites your mind and causes you to think and grow? What are your interests? What are your goals, and how do you plan to reach them? What are your talents and skills?

Basically, find a major that you love and will help you achieve your goals. MC offers over 80 undergraduate options.

8. Why Did You Choose MC?

This answer will differ by whom you ask for obvious reasons. I chose MC because I believed that the Lord provided a financial path for me to attend MC. When I visited MC, I saw it as a place where I could thrive and be challenged. Since being a student here, I have seen the Lord transform my life, and I can see why the Lord brought me to MC.

9. What Makes MC Unique?

The main aspect of MC that I find to be unique is the passion that our professors have for investing in students' lives. If you've been keeping up with our Profound Professors series, you've gotten a glimpse of our faculty. In my experience, I have found my professors to be willing to discuss my goals and to help me reach them. These relationships are strengthened by the 16:1 student to professor ratio. Mississippi College can offer you a community of professors, mentors, and students that want you to succeed. 

10. Is College Difficult?

Yes. Expect to be challenged. Going to university is not just a step to getting a job. Rather, it is an opportunity to grow, learn, and discover. Growth comes from challenge and difficulty. Don't be intimidated by these challenges, but embrace them. 

For He knows the ways that I take, and when He has tried me, I shall come forth as pure gold.
— Job 23:10

Hopefully this blog answered your questions about Mississippi College and university in general. If you have more questions, comment below. 

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