The Best Blogs of 2015

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The new year is here, and the Choctawk is looking back and reflecting on our favorite blogs of 2015.  Here are our top ten blogs. Whether you are reading a blog for the first time or re-reading, we know you will enjoy these blogs as much as we did. 

1. Go Outside

"The surface of our planet tells a story of rhythm and elicits gratitude that God cares for the smallest aspects of life. Water rests in giant containers, lapping at the edges of lakes, roaring over cataracts, and balancing the tides in a nightly lunar dance. Plants blanket the earth, offering a covering to barren wilderness and clothing to the fields. Even the dust urges one to proclaim praise to The Father, by being compellingly vacant of life in the absence of His breath"

2. Where is the Choctawk? 


"Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in the magical land called Mississippi College. The land flourished under the rule of King Lee Royce. Word spread far and wide about the beautiful kingdom. This was partly due to a group of students who were charged with the duty of spreading the word. These students, composed of both callers and scribes, were called the Choctawk. One day, the two summer scribes, Andrew and Nolie, decided that the people needed to know how to find the Choctawk, and so their epic journey began."

3. 10 Clever Ways to Ask Someone to a Dance

photo-1443745029291-d5c27bc0b562 (1).jpg

"At some point, it has become socially expected for there to be an elaborate process to asking someone to a dance. #HoCo (Homecoming) and PROMposals are popping up at high schools all across America. This trend is widespread on college campuses as well. The following blog includes further commentary on this phenomenon and a few suggestions of creative ways to ask someone to a dance."

4. #MC Things


"Imagine it with me. You are a student at MC. You have four years to fill with classes, memories, and experiences. There are so many different experiences you can have as an MC student, but here are fifty amazing #MCthings that you should experience while you call Mississippi College your home-away-from-home."

5. Treasure and Ponder

"My year has been hard and full of many changes and I'm looking forward to resting, eating too much food, and reflecting on how the Lord has brought me through the past year. It's so important to ponder and reflect just like Mary did.  Mary was able to be still and enjoy the presence of the Father because she relied on Him completely to be her constant hiding place in the midst of life."

6. Mary's Declassified Senior Year Survival Guide


For most of you reading this blog, the elusive senior year has finally arrived. Trying to find a college, a major, and a purpose for your life can be difficult when trying to balance school, friends, and extracurricular activities. While senior year can be tough, it can also be pretty amazing, so here's some advice by one of my favorite authors, Shel Silverstein, (coupled with some commentary by yours truly) to help you make it through senior year. 

7. State Street


"A term that you'll hear at MC is "The Bubble," which refers to the small town, close-knit community feel that we have here on campus. I love living in a small town like Clinton, but it's also nice to get away and have more options. Luckily for us, Jackson is just a thirty minute drive away and offers a variety of museums, restaurants, and experiences. Although I want to encourage you to explore all of Jackson, there is one area that is a great place to start: State Street. You can exit from the interstate right onto State Street and travel from Downtown Jackson to Fondren, both of which I love to explore and visit."

8. Ten Lessons to Learn Before College

"After years of living at home, college is perhaps the first time you get to be truly independent. It is exhilarating, but this independence brings certain responsibilities. For example, your new found independence means doing your own laundry. It will be tempting to ignore the less fun aspects of independence, but they are just a necessary." 

9. Admissions Checklist: What's New? 


"This fall was a whirlwind of applications, transcripts, ACT scores, and housing fees. Ya'll have done a great job staying on top of things so far (most of you...). But at this point in the year, college requirements can get a little confusing. You might even be wondering, 'What have I already done? What do I have left to do? How do I know I'm not messing everything up?'" 

10. The Profound Professors Series 


"What is a profound professor? A quick search through the Oxford English Dictionary can provide a definition. However, when I think of profound professors I don't think of a dictionary entry. I think of the professors I have encountered during my time at Mississippi College. These professors truly are profound and are making a difference in their fields and in the lives of the students they teach. " 

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