How to Spend Your Labor Day

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In case you missed the memo, it's now September, and with September comes Labor Day. Students everywhere anxiously await this glorious national holiday which brings a three day weekend. However, this weekend presents us with an interesting dilemma: What is one to do with all of this free time?  

Here in the Tower, we have been discussing our Labor Day weekend plans and have decided to graciously help those in the Jackson area form the perfect schedule for Labor Day weekend!****

For the Outdoors Lover

Take advantage of the great outdoors before it gets too cold for us Southerners to step outside. The flowers are in bloom, the skies are clear on most days, and the temperature is just right.

1. The Clinton Nature Center: The Clinton Nature center has multiple trails that you can explore, as well as a tree which resembles an elephant. Need I say more?

2. Mynelle Gardens: A piece of Jackson history, these gardens began as a flower shop in the 1920s and have blossomed into a seven-acre wonderland of flora.

3. The Natchez Trace: Along the Natchez Trace are multiple trails for hiking, which range in length from 0.5 miles to over 20 miles. Wear jeans if you head to a path that's overgrown and always take bug spray. You never know what views you'll stumble across. 

For the Road Trip Lover

Who doesn't love piling into a car, singing to Taylor Swift's hits as loudly as possible, and experiencing more of the United States? If this doesn't describe you, you can skip this section (at the risk of missing out on an incredible adventure).

1. Explore Mississippi's Little "Grand Canyon:" A bluff of naturally eroded red clay can be found 2 hours from Jackson. 

2. Hit up NOLA: New Orleans, LA is one of my favorite places to visit. Whether I'm going to see a show, eat beignets, or visit the animals at the zoo, boredom is never an option. 

3. Run over to the Ruins of Windsor: The ruins of a mansion built in 1859-61 still stand in Port Gisbon, MS. Check out architecture which has withstood the test of time. Legend has it that Mark Twain watched the Mississippi River from the rooftop observatory! 

For the Museum Lover

1. The Mississippi Museum of Art: Located in downtown Jackson, the Mississippi Museum of Art is home to The Mississippi Story, a permanent exhibition highlighting the work of Mississippi artists, such as Marie Hull, William Dunlap, and Walter Anderson. Admission is free to The Mississippi Story. 

2. The Old Capitol Museum: There's no better place to learn about Mississippi than its former Capitol building, which has become a museum. From legislature to architecture, this museum offers something for every Mississippi lover.

3. The Russell C Davis Planetarium: Located by the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Planetarium offers a domed theatre which features films, sky features, and light displays. I may or may not still own and wear a Planetarium t-shirt from the early 2000's.

For the Dessert Lover

1. La Brioche Patisserie: One word. Macaroons.

2. Campbell's Bakery: Cupcakes, teacakes, cheesecakes, sheet cakes, and more are offered at Campbell's Bakery. Lucky for everyone involved, Campbell's is across the street from La Brioche, so don't settle for just one bakery if you find yourself in Fondren. 

3. Meme's Brick Street Bakery: If you happen to live in Clinton or attend MC, you probably already know about Meme's Brick Street Bakery. I recommend their peanut butter cookies.

4. Deep South Pops: I'm not sure if you're aware of the growing popsicle trend, but it has taken the Jackson area by storm. Deep South Pops recently opened and has had tremendous success. Try the Creole Cheesecake or the Strawberry Basil.

5. Brick Street Pops: Even more recently, Brick Street Pops has opened right here in Clinton. Less than a five minute walk from campus, I have journeyed several times for the Mango Champagne popsicle. (It's non-alcoholic, I promise.)


Although I've only listed four types of ways to spend your Labor Day weekend, there is an entire world for to explore. Comment and tell us how you're spending these three days.

****Mississippi College, the Choctawk, and its staff are in no way responsible for any shirking of duties, such as work and homework, in order to complete these incredibly fun activities.

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