What to Expect with Hannah Kanengiser

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A couple of weeks ago, the summer bloggers sat down with Hannah Kanengiser to get her advice for all the new Choctaws out there! Hannah is psychology major from Pearl, MS. She is an active in Nenamoosha Tribe, works in the tower, and never meets a stranger. As a rising sophomore, Hannah has just finished her freshman year, and so she provided us with some fresh insight on what to expect!

On Moving In 

Move-In Day was hectic and exciting!

After all of her belongings were in her new dorm room, Hannah set about the task of unpacking organizing her new home. This may take a while. 

On Making Friends 

Don’t be afraid of hanging out with people you don’t know!

Hannah said she made some of her best friends during Welcome Week, and while she was tempted to skip some of the events because she was a local, she believes that an "all in" approach is the best way to make friends! Hannah stressed that keeping putting yourself out there is the easiest way of making friends. 

I was that girl that made coffee and cookies and went door to door.
Keep your room door open! Do it! Leave the door open!

On Academics

Hannah believes that the hardest part of college classes is the time management it takes to balance everything. She recommends buying a calendar. As soon as she is given a syllabus for a class, she writes down when everything is due. This helps you get a birds-eye view. 

All the work is worth it though because in the end your professors will teach you how to think critically, and you are constantly surrounded by "smart people." 

On Finding a Church

Hannah originally thought that she would go to a different church than the one she went to in high school. However, she realized that she was in a position where she could help others find a church home, so she kept going to her home church and started inviting other MC students to come with her! 

On Having Fun

CAB events, a college life group, road trips, and late night adventures full of Wendy's, pranks, and photoshoots have been some of Hannah's favorite ways to have fun at MC. 

So there is Hannah's advice! Be on the lookout for another perspective later this week! 

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