What to Expect with Andrew Grissom

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We sat down with Andrew Grissom the other day to hear his perspective on freshman year at MC. Andrew is a rising sophomore. He is a communication major, active member of Civitan Men's Club, the sophomore class president (previous freshman class president), Scout for the Admissions Office, and attends Pinelake Church in Clinton. His smile is contagious, and he is marked by genuine character in the nature of a true gentleman. Here's what he had to say:

(He's on the far left)

(He's on the far left)

On Move-In Day

Move-in day was pretty chaotic; the first night is a whirlwind.

Andrew said that when he said goodbye to his parents, it sunk in that he was finally at college. He said that Welcome Week and the Launch Retreat were keys to getting adjusted to life in a new place. 

On Making Friends

It’s worth it to put yourself out there.

Andrew emphasized the fact that everyone coming into college is thrust onto the stage and often experience the same feelings of discomfort or have initial inhibitions in social settings. He also talked about how he left his door open to make friends in Chrestman. He said, "I had recliners. That's usually how the conversation started."

On Academics

You’re going to work hard. Nothing is given.

Andrew said that academics were priority but that it was also important to get involved. He said that it is important to learn a good work ethic. He also noted that professors are concerned about student success and make themselves available for extra help.

On Church

Andrew asked two questions when selecting a church to attend. 1. Is this church's teaching Biblically sound? 2. Am I being spiritually fed. He made a list of a few churches in the area that he wanted a visit, and made a goal to choose a church home by Thanksgiving break. He said, "It's important to find a church home and stick with it. We need a constant faith-based community."

On Having Fun

Some of those spur of the moment things are my fondest memories of freshman year. I’ll never forget them.

Andrew said that when it comes to having fun, it's vital to try new things. He said that it looked different for everyone, but that there were several ways to get involved, including Student Government, Clubs and Tribes, Intramural sports, or even just hanging out with friends

General Tips

Be cautious; be smart; don’t be stupid.

Thanks for reading! Move-in Day will be here before you know it!

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