Throwback Thursday: Nolie's MC Story

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Prologue: Anticipation

Hello future, actually current, Choctaws! I know the anticipation must be killing you. Since getting your student ID and schedule at orientation, you've pulled both out at least once a day to make sure they are still there, right?  Meanwhile, you are agonizing over whether binders or notebooks are the way to go, packing all your things into boxes, planning the layout of your dorm room, and counting down the days until Move In Day.  Or was that just me? 


I was exactly in your shoes two years ago. I know it may not seem like it now, but Move In Day will arrive.  The next thing you know you will be a junior writing a blog about your freshman year. 

Move In Day 

 I lived on the fifth floor of East my freshman year, and naturally, my parents were concerned how we would move the beautiful headboards I had created out of doors to the top floor. This was not something we had to worry about though because on Move In Day, upperclassmen swarmed our vehicle, asked for my room number, and proceeded to carry all my belongings to the fifth floor. All I had to do was arrange my furniture, unpack, and hug my parents goodbye!

In the midst of unpacking...

In the midst of unpacking...

Welcome Week

Then suddenly, my parents were gone, and I was three hours from home. For the first time since kindergarten, I needed to make new friends. That's a bit of an overwhelming realization, but friends will come if you are kind, genuine, and caring towards everyone you meet. Welcome Week was instrumental in forming many of my current friendships and gave me the opportunity to discover what my new surroundings had to offer. 

At Home at MC

Freshman year was over before I knew it. I made awesome friends. I rushed a tribe. I went to CAB events and informals. I found the perfect major, English Literature. I became a Scout. I finally worked up the nerve to actually change my major. When summer came, it truly felt like I was leaving behind my second home and family. Sophomore year came and went. It was full of laughter, tears, studying, and adventure after adventure. With junior year approaching, I can't wait to see what the next chapter in my MC story holds! 


Thanks for letting me tell my story, and just think, it won't be long until you will call MC home and will have your own story to tell! See you soon!

- Nolie, the reminiscing junior 

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