When Words Fail

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The written word has always captivated me.  What should just be a jumble of lines, dots, and arcs, in fact, conveys meaning, connecting mankind despite distance or time. It is through words that humans are able to record their experiences, life and its variations. We experience this connection the moment we read something and think, "Aha! That is exactly how I feel." 

What happens when there is no "Aha!" moment for what you are feeling, though?  There are times when life crashes into you, and there is no time to brace against the impact.  The landing leaves you battered, bruised, and broken.  What happens when words fail?

In my twenty years of life experience, I have had a handful of experiences when I felt as if no one could possibly understand what I was going through. In those moments, no words could reach my heart and provide comfort. Words failed. 


But the Word did not fail and will not fail! God's Word is potent and has the ability to reach us. No matter what we experience, the Bible serves as a firm foundation. 


Furthermore, as Christians we have assurance that the struggles we face in life are for a greater purpose.  My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 34:10. I have found comfort and stability in the words, 

"Young lions lack food and go hungry,
but those who seek the LORD
will not lack any good thing."

Even lions, the animals that should be most capable of providing for themselves, may suffer from the pangs of hunger, but you, Christian, are promised that you will "not lack any good thing." The Lord cares for us deeply and personally, and if that's so, then our pain and suffering is not in vain. It has a purpose. 

In those moments when words fall flat, let the truth of the Word of God be your lens. 


Nolie, the lover of words 

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