Tower Types: A Myers-Briggs Blog

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Hello, Choctawk Fans! Andrew and Nolie here with new words from the tower. Recently, the talk of the Admissions world has been the Myers-Briggs  test. It's a personality inventory that categorizes you into one of sixteen personality types. We've all had a good time talking about our various types and learning about ourselves. 

Here's the test we took. Take the test, and see how you match up with the Choctawk Staff.

To get into character, we took photos (or borrowed from Facebook) of each member of the Summer Choctawk Staff  acting out their personality types.

Hayley & Hannah: ESFJ


ESFJ's are caring socialites who are marked by an enthusiasm for people. Hayley and Hannah are both outgoing and empathetic. We see this play out as they always represent MC well on the phone to future Choctaws!

Shelby Scott & Luke: ENFP

ENFP's are bright free spirits who have a zeal and passion for life! Luke and Shelby Scott are both spontaneous and creative. These traits manifest themselves as they bring a heightened level of excitement and fresh perspective to the Tower.

Nolie: INFJ

INFJ's are the rarest of all the types, mystifying the world with their quiet, intense ways. Nolie is vision-oriented and makes great effort to see the big picture even in a daily routine. Nolie is an insightful wizard who keeps the Choctawk blog alive.

Shardae: ENFJ

ENFJ's are fun, spunky and creative. Shardae is sassy in the best way and knows how to motivate others well. She fearlessly leads the Choctawk, inspiring others to follow and unlocking the strengths of her team.

Mary: ENTP

ENTP's are curious individuals who are always up for a battle of wits. Mary is complex, analytical and logical. She is always enthusiastic in developing new ideas which makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Andrew: INTP


INTP's are efficient, conceptual thinkers who can easily spot connections. They provide innovative solutions and are therefore, excellent brainstormers. Andrew's blogs always demonstrate his unique and creative mindset. 

You may not see your type listed among the Choctawkers' personality types, but that's okay. Post your personality type in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Andrew and Nolie

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