Where is the Choctawk?

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in the magical land called Mississippi College. The land flourished under the rule of King Lee Royce. Word spread far and wide about the beautiful kingdom. 


This was partly due to a group of students who were charged with the duty of spreading the word. These students, composed of both callers and scribes, were called the Choctawk. One day, the two summer scribes, Andrew and Nolie, decided that the people needed to know how to find the Choctawk, and so their epic journey began. 

The two scribes decided that most people knew how to find the Quad, the central hub of their land, so they began there and worked their way back to their tower. 

They trekked across the grassy plain towards Nelson Hall, pausing a moment to take in the beauty of their view. 

Once they reached Nelson, they walked around the north west corner, being careful to wave and show their respect to His Majesty, King Lee Royce. They progressed into a lesser trod patch of soil in front of the soldier's quarters, Ratliff Hall. There, Andrew paused by the peaceful Forgotten Fountain.


But it was time to get home, so they re-entered the tower, and climbed the stairs..and climbed stairs...and climbed stairs...and finally climbed the last set of stairs. 

There was much rejoicing! Everyone greeted the scribes, and they all lived happily ever after. 

The End  

- The Scribes 

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