Meet the Orientation Leaders

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Hi! It's Nolie! Our first two orientations are fast approaching. We hope by now you know what to expect and what to bring, but we thought it would also be helpful to introduce you to some people you'll be seeing quite a bit when you come to campus for orientation. 

Lynnsey Jackson 

Hometown: La Porte, Texas

Major: Physical Education

Fun Fact: "I rode a mechanical salmon in Alaska!"

Lacey Leddy 

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Major: English Education

Fun Fact: "I won Fear Factor live at Universal Studios!"

Drake Terry 

Hometown: Madison, MS

Major: English/Psychology

Fun Fact: "I am a rapper. Challenge me to a rap battle!"

Cole Gressett 

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "I once 'rescued' 200 Krispy Kreme Donuts from the trash."

Olivia Robbins 

Hometown: Olive Branch, MS

Major: Christian Studies

Fun Fact: "I'm allergic to bananas."

Kassidy Rice 

Hometown: Farmington, AR

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: "I'm allergic to most metals."

Garret Smith 

Hometown: Brookhaven, MS

Major: Biology Pre-Med 

Fun Fact: "I'm pretty accident prone. I've injured myself every year I've played soccer."

Conner Smith 

Hometown: Clinton, MS

Major: Biology Pre-Med

Fun Fact: "I was checked for bombs at an airport in Paris!"

Kristian Gautier

Hometown: Ridgeland, MS

Major: Business Administration

Fun Fact: "I'm extremely terrified of tidal waves!"

Luke Morris 

Hometown: New Albany, MS

Major: Social Work

Fun Fact: "Sometimes I sing in my sleep..."

Peyton Brown 

Hometown: Flowood, MS

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "I am a former hardcore skateboarder."

Ellen Lee

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: "I have broken the same bones twice."

Jesse Bingham 

Hometown: Terry, MS

Major: Undecided

Fun Fact: "I can clap with one hand!"

Olivia Mabry 

Hometown: Meridian, MS

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: "I don't have a fun fact. I'm just fun!"

Graham Bobo 

Hometown: Clinton, MS

Major: Biology Pre-Med

Fun Fact: "I have been to every coast in the United States."

Faith Varner 

Hometown: Terry, MS

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: "I used to do Madea impressions!"

Chip Wilson 

Hometown: Millington, TN

Major: Spanish

Fun Fact: "I have been deported from Scotland while on a mission trip..."

Claire Fisher 

Hometown: Madison, MS

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: "I am obsessed with Chick-Fil-A kids' straws."

Julianne James 

Hometown: Rogersville, AL 

Major: English Education 

Fun Fact: "I've been to seven different countries since January!" 

Elizabeth Rogers

Orientation Student Leader

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Major: Social Studies Education

Fun Fact: "My family pet growing up was a peacock...."


If you see one of these guys, be sure to say hello, and if you haven't registered yet, be sure to do so! It's really simple. Just click here.  See you at Orientation!

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