Crunch Time // College Decisions

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Hello all, Andrew here with a reminder that it's crunch time. (I know that's the last thing that you want to hear.)

I didn't decide to come to Mississippi College until April of my senior year. I remember being pestered by people pelting me with  questions, offering advice, and encouraging me but often coming across as overbearing. I understand now that they were asking because they cared, but it seemed like everyone had a plan for my life except for me.

I was torn between two schools. I toured both, applied to both, got accepted to both, made a secondary visit to both and then realized that I could only go to one. It was crunch time.

It was at this moment that some previously cryptic advice from my dad reentered my recollection. Somewhere in the fall where the only things that mattered were the colors of the leaves and the Friday night lights, my dad offered this bit of wisdom: "Eventually, there will just be a place where you want to go." I brushed those words under the rug and kept on not caring.

But now, late Spring had arrived, and I was the one with all the questions. "What about Jeremiah 29:11, and what about scholarships, and what if I go to the wrong school?" I tried to remove all the negativity and reflect on my decision making process and see if "there was just a place I wanted to go."

I thought back and remembered all of my encounters with MC. I remembered first seeing campus as a child in wonder at the Dome when my cousin was on the MC Basketball team. I returned a few years later for a choir program and later a camp with my church. (One of my friends became a Christian that week.) Throughout high school, I remembered visiting friends on campus. I thought about the Jackson Area Reception and being received with warm smiles on a cold December night. I remembered staying with Daniel the night before Preview Day and going to Waffle House late in the night (see previous blog). I thought about sitting in my Admissions Counselor's office and talking about scholarships. I remembered when the telecounselors called me on my Birthday. This string of memories revealed that MC was woven through my life story.

There was a cathartic moment when I realized that this was the place where I wanted to go to school all along. All of my experiences conditioned me to the moment of clarity when I officially decided to attend Mississippi College. In searching for the place I wanted to go, I uncovered that I had known the whole time.

MC has always been a place of security and a place where I am free to grow, learn and belong. God didn't spell it out in big letters in the sky one day, but it does seem like He definitely prepared me for this place before I was aware of it. 

That's my MC story. It may look different for you. You may come to campus once and fall in love with it. (That happens to a lot of people.) As a chronic over-thinker, it took me longer to reach this decision, but I'm glad that I did. It's April and graduation is soon, so it's crunch time for college decisions. Pray about it, think about it, and take the plunge. College is fun, and I hope that MC will be the place for you, too.

Until next time,

Andrew "Charizard is my favorite Pokemon" Wilson

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