Dear Juniors: How do you find your future?

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Dear Juniors, 

The time has come. You are so close to that thing you never thought would happen--you're about to be a senior. As a freshman, I remember thinking that four years would last forever, but they go by quicker than you think. Pretty soon you'll be walking the hallways with senior status. 

Senior year is truly a magical time. An innate power descends upon you, making you four times cooler than last year. You wake up with a confidence and a persona that you didn't have before. Plus, you've got the letterman jackets and ballin' parking spots to let all members of the public know who you are and that you've arrived. 

In all seriousness, senior year is going to be amazing, and I can't wait for each of you to experience its bliss. Your 12 years of school and living under your parents' roof has prepared you for this launch into your future. But in the midst of the hype and privilege, please don't forget that this is only the beginning. 

The funny thing about the future is, you never really know what it holds until it becomes the present. No matter how hard we pursue our dreams and goals, their outcome remains a mystery. That's the nature of the future--it is yet to come and, therefore, unknown. So, in the midst of the haze, how do you find your future? 

As ironic as it sounds, the best way to find your future is to live fully in the present with your hopes for the future in mind. The fulfillment of your dreams is happening now. It's happening with each decision you make. It's happening by how you choose to live in the present.  

And if I can leave you with one final piece of advice, I'll say this: Pray the mess out of your dreams. If your heart desires something, bring it to the Lord in prayer. See if He doesn't either give you that desire or change that desire. Pour it out to Him who gives abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine. Many times, I've cried out to the Lord for the desires of my heart and He's abundantly provided after a long season of prayer. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12. 

I hope it's been a great 12 years. I hope you've learned and laughed and cried a lot. I hope you've made some amazing friends that it's going to hurt to leave. I hope you're leaving behind people that will cheer you on. 

You've got one year left, and then it's time to fly. Get ready to rule the school this last time around, but also know that each moment is preparing you for a unique and spectacular future. Live it up, Juniors. The best is yet to come. Live each moment knowing that it's preparing you for the future. And when the future suddenly becomes the present, you'll be ready for independence, for maturity, for adventure. You'll be ready to fly. 

Best of luck, Juniors! I believe in you. Believe me when I say, the best is yet to come. 

Elizabeth "pray the mess out of your dreams" Moore

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