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Hey y'all! It's Ashton here. Last week on the blog I shared how I've found faith at MC. But as you know, the saying doesn't stop there so neither will our blogs! Today I'm going to share how I've found family at MC (stay tuned next week-- Liz is going to share how she found her future). 

Quickly after starting college, I learned that people need other people. I learned that we were not made to do life alone and to walk through our journey without other people supporting us. We were made for fellowship and community and to feel loved. Walking around MC you can find some of the best people in the world and among them, I've found my own little family. 

I could talk about handfuls of people that I've met at MC that support, love, and encourage me on a daily basis.  From my Swannanoa family to my church group, the girls in my dorm, and even my fellow Choctawkers, I know that I have "my people" who are always there for me and will love no matter what I come to them with. There's something special about feeling like you belong somewhere, yah know? One of my favorite examples of my MC family is a group of people who I rode around the Pacific Northwest in a mini-van with for eight days. 


This year for spring break I traveled to Portland, OR with my roommate and three guys and by the end of the trip, we were as dysfunctional and comfortable and ridiculous as any actual family. We went on adventures, argued, challenged each other, ate too many donuts, and loved each other well for the days we had together. The hashtag was #DEATHinPDX, the jokes were endless, and the community was rich (Note: DEATH stands for Drake, Elizabeth, Ashton, Taylor, and Hunter).

Making up my little Spring Break family are four of the greatest people I've ever met. Within the #DEATHinPDX group, I have the world's best roommate, a best friend, a solid brother, and a drake. None of our relationships are perfect, but they work in their own ways. 

Elizabeth is my roommate and one of the sweetest blessings that the Lord has given me through MC. She is one who will never wrong me and always loves me well and "moms" me when I need her to. Hunter is my best friend and the person I can credit for my love of black coffee. He is someone I can go to at my lowest and he will always accept me as I am and point me to the Father. He's known me longer than anyone else on campus, which is both terrifying and hilarious and something I'm really thankful for. Taylor is my brother and friend and the person I go to when I want to go to Whataburger. He always provides rich conversation and a lot of laughs. Drake is a friend who never fails to bring comic-relief and big smiles. He's a guy who's worthy of his name being the only thing that describes him, because he's that unique and wonderful.

We are a group of like-minded twenty-somethings who are all just trying to figure out life and follow Jesus together. We are our own kind of family and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so thankful for my #DEATHinPDX family along with the other little family groups that Jesus has gifted me with around campus. 

I never doubt if I belong at MC. I never question my place or if I'm loved because the Lord has provided such a rich community full of authentic people and His presence, which is all we really need. 

Lover of friends, Portland, & coffee

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