Farewell Choctawk

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Hello friends, it's your favorite graduating senior, Elizabeth, and I'd be lying if I said I'm excited about writing this blog. 

Good-byes have never been my forte. I like to live it up until the last minute and then steal away before people start hugging and getting emotional. It just feels easier to leave rather than to stay and say good-bye, because saying good-bye means looking a very good thing in the face and letting it go. Saying good-bye means writing an ending to the chapter rather slamming the book closed until you feel like picking it up again.

It's much easier, like I said, to simply slam the book shut and walk away. But easier does not always mean better. Even though it'd be easier to slip away unnoticed, leaving the blog in the competent hands of Ashton and Andrew (who I am now dating btw... #ThanksChoctawk), you guys deserve a solid farewell. 

Instead of getting super sappy and gross (there's a time and a place and it's not now), I'd like to reminisce over some of my favorite moments as a Choctawker for one last hooray. I started working in the Tower during the fall of 2012 as a caller, and then for the past two years I've gotten to work on the blog! I've genuinely loved this job and have made some priceless memories with co-workers that have become my best friends. 

Favorite Choctawk Moments

When we walked all over Clinton for a photo shoot and came out looking like celebrities. (Fall 2013)

When Andrew and Drake gave us a VIP Wise Fools performance before their Common Sounds audition. (Fall 2013)

When I met this life-long friend and we matched more often than not. (Fall 2014)

When Andrew climbed into a cubby hole saying, "Don't put me in a box." (Spring 2014)

When we went to the Mortimer's house for our staff Christmas party and played a story-telling game around the fire with the Admissions counselors. And ate s'mores of course. (Winter 2014)

When we went on a field trip to the furniture jungle (aka Narnia) and took this flawless picture. (Spring 2015)

When I got to work next to my favorite people every day. (Spring 2015)

Getting asked to Formal by this cool kid. And then asking him to Informal. And then dating him. (Spring 2015) 

Being a family with some of my best friends. They've set the bar high for all future co-workers, and I honestly don't know if I'll ever feel so at home with another group of people. 

So there you have it, the moments that have changed my life and the people that have squeezed their way into my heart forever. What a blessing to be able to walk away from a job with the happiest of memories. 

I hate saying good-bye, but I honestly think it's more like see-you-later. Seeing this final chapter at MC come to a close is hard, but I'm beyond thankful the Lord chose to bring me to this school and this job. He truly gives abundantly more than we can ask or imagine. 

Elizabeth "teary eyes, full heart, can't lose" Moore 

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