Avoiding Senioritis

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Hey Seniors (and anyone suffering from a severe lack of motivation). Hi. It's Elizabeth. Welcome to the last few weeks of school where a disease known as senioritis becomes incredibly contagious. 

Obviously, senioritis doesn't only exist during the last month of school. Some people develop senioritis as early as their sophomore year...or freshman year. No matter who you are, senioritis is most likely hitting you hard at this time of year, and we've got some tricks to beat it. 

1. Make a big fat calendar. My roommate and I started a tradition of making a huge wall calendar for the last 2-3 weeks of school with all our deadlines and test days. At the end of the day, we would both crawl into bed and draw ginormous X's over that day. It was incredibly satisfying. 

2. Let it just be a Monday night. At least one night a week, don't schedule anything. Let that be a time where you catch up on homework, any Netflix commitments, or have some spontaneous time with friends. 

3. Don't let laziness win. This morning, I took an entire hour where I purposefully turned my phone on airplane mode and didn't get on social media, and I got more done in that hour than probably the rest of the day. Don't let distractions control you--you control them. 

4. Take pictures and tweet funny moments. You're going to want to remember these days, trust me. Make memories and document the best ones. TimeHop will reward you in the years to come. 

5. Be sentimental. Think, where will you be at this exact moment next year? Kind of a mood-killer, I know, but it definitely puts in perspective the moments that are happening now and gives you a fresh appreciation for the here and now. 


6. Pull your friends in. Most likely, your friends are all experiencing the same thing, so don't do this alone. Spend some time bonding over how you can't school anymore, but ultimately, take comfort in the fact that you're in this together. Study together if you're into that, take breaks together, and celebrate together that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

You're not in this alone, Seniors. Even though I feel like senioritis can be a way of mentally blocking all the change that's about to wreck us, we're not alone. Gather your people--your family--and beat this senioritis like a champ. 

See you on the flip. 

Elizabeth "being sentimental" Moore

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