Derby Fever

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So it’s Cole here! It has been a while since I’ve put anything up, but I wanted to share with you one of the greatest traditions that happens here at MC. That’s right, its Derby Week!!

Derby Week is an insane week of competition hosted by The Council that happens between our campus Clubs and Tribes. For those of you that may not be familiar with those, Clubs (for guys) and Tribes (for the ladies) are MC’s version of social organizations like sororities and fraternites, and The Council is the organization that works with those groups. There are five clubs and four tribes with a soon to be added fifth tribe on the way! Enough of that, now back to the excitement of what Derby Week is. 

Like I said earlier, Derby Week is a week of exhilarating competition planned by members of the Council and, lucky for you, one of those members this year has been me. Every year, Derby Week may look different from the previous year, but there is always a theme that runs through the week. That theme this year is: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of the Derby! Can you just feel the red, white, and blue running through your veins? 

So with that theme, of course there has to be some killer events to go with it right?? Well here they are:


We kick off with  a tried and true favorite, the Revolutionary Relay! While some of the details are still TOP SECRET, this is a great event that tests the endurance, cunning, and tenacity of the Clubs and Tribes in various physically and mentally tough challenges. 


We stay up a little late with a crowd favorite, dodge ball!! I can hear the rubber balls of pain whizzing past my head already. 


We jump in the ring for a few friendly rounds of inflatable jousting. Trust me, it’s a lot more intimidating than it sounds. 


The Clubs and Tribes hit the stage for one of our biggest traditions on MC’s Campus, SWERVE!!! Now if you remember much about Follies, this is like our spring version, except it is strictly for dancing. We like to see how well our ladies and gents can break it down in what is one of the most fun nights of Derby Week. 


Derby week comes to a head with a full morning and afternoon of competition followed up by the beginning of the Spring Fever Week crawfish boil that night! This day has five main events that the Clubs and Tribes compete in to earn points in hopes of being crowned the coveted Derby Day champs. These typically include the egg toss, a little tug of war, a disgusting foods relay, and last but not least, a little, yet not so small, game of trivia!!

Get excited, because this week is going to be epic! 

Cole Gressett-- cooking enthusiast, avid procrastinator, amateur blogger 

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