Procrastination Techniques

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Hello fellow students. It's Ashton here. Within the past ten minutes, I've eaten a tortilla, walked laps around the cubicles, and yelled at people from the tower window. I wish I had a logical reason for why I did those things, but I don't. I honestly just didn't want to sit down and work. We are a generation of procrastinators and while it affects our work progress and homework load, it is what it is. We are the #ProctastinationNation and as finals come around, it's the perfect time to embrace it. 

I'm here to to help you put off studying as long as possible, push you closer to pulling an all-nighter, and encourage you to do a lot of random stuff. I asked our friends in the tower and around campus their favorite ways and best suggestions for procrastination. 

Here's the list:

Tower Squad Members

Me-- I will do literally anything. Painting, eating, napping, social media. I have this superb habit of acting as though I have no homework at all.

Andrew-- Nap. Walking around and seeing how much food you can eat. Playing video games. Watching World War Z. Compensate by cleaning your room.

Liz-- Watching The Office on Netflix, Pinterest // Direct quote, "When I get to SnapChat stories, I am at my ultimate pinnacle of procrastination." 


Ty-- Literally anything but studying. Watch Netflix or play Fifa.

Asa-- Play Fifa.

Cole-- Talk to people. "I will find any excuse to have a conversation with someone."  // As he said this, he left his cubicle and came to mine to attempt to make this conversation last longer than it needed to.

Luke-- Netflix OR hop in bed, close all the curtains, and pretend there isn't a world outside of my dorm. 

Callie-- Sleep.

Hayley-- Social media stalking and wandering in and out of friends' rooms. // "Today I just stood outside of the dorm because I didn't want to go in and do my work."

Random Friends

Hunter-- Cleaning his house

Taylor-- "This." He said as he drove my friend and I to Whataburger to get the cherished honey butter chicken biscuits.

Beth-- Nothing. Sit there. Netflix = procrastination. Look up new music. The internet. 

Elizabeth (my roommate)-- Stare at the wall, blow up a group message.

As you can see, procrastination can take many different roads all leading to the same stressful moment when we realize what we've done. Though it's fun to joke about, it's never a smart idea to wait until the last minute to do your work (she says as she debates how long she can wait before doing her communication survey). I've spent more than half of my life as a student and half of that time as an excellent procrastinator.

Be innovative; save yourself stress and worry and get your homework, studying, and projects out of the way before you allow yourself to indulge in the three seasons of that show you've already watched. Do your work, watch Netflix later. 

Here's to fighting the temptation to procrastinate, friends.  

Ashton "The Last Minute is the Best Minute" Ray

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