Why Preview Day at MC Matters

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Hello all, Andrew here with a post about my dad's childhood friend, a Bible study, and a midnight trip to Waffle House and how they all relate to April 11, 2015 (MC Preview Day). Welcome to the jungle.

Let's travel back in time to the summer of 2010. I just finished the tenth grade and was living life large. I turned 16 that June and experienced the joy of freedom behind the wheel of my cousin's old Camaro. It was truly a carefree picture of adolescent bliss in the South. At some point in this season, I met Kendall Moore.

Kendall is a brilliant man that grew up with my dad and is marked by wisdom and a firm grip on his faith without losing touch on earth's unfortunate realities. I realize that may sound weird, but basically he offers sage, down to earth encouragement that is rooted in the truth of the Word. Anyway, he hosted a Bible study in his house that summer, and my family drove out to Madison a couple of times a month to take part.

Enter Daniel Wagner. So, here we are, two high school students a year apart with the common ground that we were at Kendall Moore's house. He was the classic high school jock, even to the spiky blond hair and position on the offensive line of one of the most formidable football squads in the state. We formed a loose friendship and it was cool to know someone from across the Jackson Metro Area.

Fast forward to one of the greatest nights in September 2011. 

I was in the Waffle House just off Springridge Road in Clinton (close to Mississippi College's campus). Preview Day would happen when the sun rose, but the night was still young. I was hanging out with Ty Brogdon, (who would later become my Big Bro in Shawreth),  and Daniel Wagner, my friend from Bible study. Somewhere in between a waffle and some hash browns, I reflected on how I got there.

I went to stay on campus the night before Preview Day but failed to make adequate preparation. The guy I planned to stay with was actually out of town, so my friend, Morgan set me up with Ty. When I got inside Chrestman, I realized that Daniel lived just across the hall and one room down from Ty. Daniel offered for me to just stay in his room since we already knew each other from Kendall's house. 

I thanked Ty for his flexibility and headed across to Daniel's room, impressed with the friendliness of my early campus encounters and realizing the depth of Mississippi hospitality. Daniel took me under his wing and we went to watch Rush Skits, went to the Tribal after parties, and then headed to Waffle House. His generous hosting made me feel like I was truly a part of campus without being overwhelmed, and without putting me on a pedestal. It was a good balance of meeting people and seeing what it was like to be a college student.

Here's me at Rush Skits with friends from my home church.

Here's me at Rush Skits with friends from my home church.

On preview day, the speeches that I could have perceived as fluffy promotional language resonated on a deeper level. I understood that people at MC didn't want to influence me to come to their school because I would be a warm body in a desk and a tuition check in the bank. "Find Faith, Find Family, Find Future" was, albeit clever and cheesy, wholeheartedly true.

Daniel had already displayed what it meant to be a model Choctaw the night before. He was a man of solid faith with established friendships who had a levelheaded approach towards his future. He took the next step and exhibited these traits to me, and I credit him with influencing me to become a part of the Choctaw family.

Here's me with Daniel when I got to MC

Here's me with Daniel when I got to MC

So, that's my MC story-- the earliest part at least. What's yours? Our Preview Day this year is on April 11th, and we'd like for you to be a part of it. Curious? Come to campus and see who we are.

I'll see you on the 11th,


Choctaw, Waffle House Fan, College Student

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