Exploring Jackson

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Hey guys, it's Ashton and Liz, your favorite writing duo, here to share some of our favorite spots in Jackson. Both of us are from out of state, so when we first came to MC, we knew nothing about the Jackson Metro Area aside from MC's campus and the Starbucks off of exit 36. We came to Mississippi with no knowledge of where to escape off campus or where to shop for important necessities like shoes or sushi, but after a few years of exploring, we've discovered some fabulous places in the city that we've grown to love. 

1. Cups Espresso Cafe- Cups has a special place in our heart. It's where we go study, socialize, drink good coffee, and feel at home. Cups has establishments in most areas of Jackson, so fear not. But the yellow house and back porch of the Clinton Cups has become our second home over the years, and it's actually the place where we met! 

2. Mississippi Museum of Art- Jackson is full of interesting museums, but the art museum is my (Liz) favorite. Whether I'm in the mood to appreciate local art, exist in silence, or read Eudora Welty quotes, the Art Museum is a peaceful place I like to go to relax and recharge. 

3. Broadstreet Bakery // Lemuria Bookstore- This lovely white building brings us so much joy. On multiple occasions, we've gone there for giant cups of coffee, muffins, and walls on walls of books. Our favorite spot is inarguably the velvety green booth in Lemuria beneath a giant picture of Hemingway. On more than one occasion we have spent entire Saturdays there--what could be better? 

4. Fondren- Fondren is our favorite district of Jackson. It embodies all things hipster, artsy, historic, and fun. We both attend churches in Fondren (Fondren Church and Vertical Church), have seen Seryn, The Lone Bellow, Johnnyswim, and Drew Holcomb in concert at Duling Hall, have had coffee dates at Sneaky Beans, had milkshakes dates at Brent's, and eaten dinner on the ground at Pig n' Pint. One of our favorite Fondren event is Fondren's First Thursday, where local artists, vendors, and musicians line the streets of Fondren for the whole neighborhood to come out for local art, amazing barbecue, and live entertainment. 

5. Whole Foods- This is so important. Whole Foods opened up a little over a year ago, and our lives have never been the same. If you've never eaten an entire meal from Whole Foods or indulged in the cheese samples, you are missing out on the fun. 

6. The Rez- This peaceful, waterfront setting is perfect for a day spent hammocking, picnicking, or frolicking. If you need a quiet place to do homework or just be in the great outdoors, this is the place. 

7. Keifers- We love food, always. And even though Pig n' Pint is our favorite (see #5), Keifers is a close second. If you like Greek food, or don't yet have an opinion on Greek food, you must eat here! We love the outdoor seating, Pita Moz, and great memories. 

8. The Renaissance- This outdoor shopping mall has all the essentials: Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie, Fresh Market, The Apple Store, etc. Sometimes we come to chill and do homework at B&N, smell the expensive candles at Anthro, or shop for fresh fruit and quality coffee at Fresh Market.  

9. County Line Rd.- You will soon learn, probably within your first week at MC, that County Line Rd. is everything: Whataburger, Krispy Kreme, say no more. County Line Rd. outings become necessary about once a week and hold some of the greatest college memories. If you haven't tried a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, have you really lived? 

Come to Jackson and explore for yourself! See you soon! 

Elizabeth "Lemuria is everything" Moore

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