Finals As Told By Cute Animals

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Hi friends! It's your favorite resident blog chiefs here to brighten your day with a plethora of cute animal pictures. Finals are coming fast and furious and we're here to prepare you in the best way we know how-- adorable animals acting as a way for us to explain what it's like to experience finals. Let's do this.

In the beginning, you feel prepared, excited, and ready to jump right into the long hours of studying.


But then the initial stress sets in and life begins to feel impossible.

So you get in the car with your friends to seek relief in time away from your studies

and food. Food always helps.

Then you get back to the endless cycle of studying...


You listen to good music and you conquer it!

You never allow yourself to get too far from coffee...

Which often puts you in THIS kind of mood...

BUT! It pays off because you walk out of your first final like...

OR you feel like this the whole time you're taking it...

Yet you find comfort in the fact that knowledge is not just based on numbers.


Then you find you you failed one, your friends try and comfort you, and you're just not having it..

You make your way to your last final feeling somewhere in between this,

And this..


You finish and you experience real joy again.

So you say bye to all of your friends and say hello to the summer!

Friends, good luck. Finals are hard, but they are not the end of your life. Push through, look at pictures of cute animals and take shameless trips to Taco Bell. We will conquer this semester and come out on the other end victorious. 

Stay awesome.

Ash & Liz
We don't wash our hair as often as we should.

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