Life in the Tower

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Hey friends! It's the A-Team. Today is an exciting day on the blog, because Andrew and I are going to tell you about a collection of the best people in the world-- the Choctawkers. As communication majors, Andrew and I are constantly reminded good writing means asking the questions, "who, what, when, where, why, and how." Today, we're going to do just that as we tell you about life in the tower.


As mentioned, it's a collection of the best people in the world. The Choctawkers are a group of 19 students from all parts of campus. Within the Choctawk family, we have telecounselors, bloggers, and our social media guys. To see all of our beautiful faces and a list of our names, you can click here to see the callers and click here to see the chiefs.


We do a lot. Like I said we have callers, bloggers, and social media guys. The tele counselors (or callers) make up the majority of us. They spend their time at work calling different groups of prospective students, answering their questions, and providing information from the admissions office. The bloggers, aka me and Liz and sometimes Andrew, do one simple thing: write blogs. We write for you about random things, academic things, admissionsy things, and more (we seriously love our job). The last group of people we have in the family are our social media guys: Andrew and Asa. They're the brilliant minds behind all of our tweets and Facebook posts. They're good at what they do. 


We work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 4-8. Boom.


We call it "The Tower" because it's on the third floor of Nelson Hall. Honestly, I didn't know where it was until my first day of work last fall. It's a room that you only visit if you work here, and it's only accessible by one staircase. The Tower is the home of our precious cubicles and a place we can always find snacks and laughter (both of which are very important). 


For you, of course! If you haven't figured it out yet, we write, call, and run social media just for you! Choctawk works as a way to bridge the gap between prospective students and those of us who already call MC our home. We want to answer your questions! We want to write blogs that make you laugh and keep you informed! We are an office of students working for students. Getting to live life as a Choctawker is about more than just a paycheck, it's about the connections. We want you to be in the know about classes, campus activities, clubs & tribes, and anything else you may have questions about. 


The work in The Tower is fueled by coffee, Jesus, and a lot of sugar. 

Well folks, that's us! All of us in the tower love what we do and Andrew and I have loved telling you about us! Thanks for reading our blogs, answering our calls, and following us on social media. You're the best.

Just keep swimming,

Ashton & Andrew
We live life with a lot of hair & too much coffee

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