Hello from London!

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Greetings from across the sea! It’s Mary here. Usually, I work in the Choctawk tower as a caller, but this semester I've been studying abroad in London! It's been fabulous, and today I'm bringing you a live update on my semester abroad.


This semester has been nothing short of amazing, and I would love to share some of my favorite experiences thus far.

1.      Going to Dover and standing in the English Channel

2.      Hiking to the Devil’s Pulpit in Wales

3.      Seeing Tintern Abbey

4.      Seeing amazing shows in London, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Les Miserables

5.      Going punting in Cambridge

6.      Getting acclimated to local cuisine (Fish and Chips forever!)

7.      Getting to know the other 19 students on this trip

8.      Standing on the Prime Meridian

9.      Seeing Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in person

10.  Living with a British family for a month (Hi, homestay family!)

London has challenged me and has given me more opportunities than I ever imagined. I thoroughly recommend investigating studying abroad if you’re even a little bit interested. Although challenging, it’s rewarding. The 20 of us are constantly in classes, museums, theatre performances, or the midst of adventures. It’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We just finished up our spring tour, which was amazing! Scotland, the Lake District, and Wales all in one week!


With only a month left, I feel time’s winged chariot ever at my back! The adventure is waiting, so I will bid you adieu for now!


Mary- adventure seeker, world traveler, London lover

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