20 Things to Know Before Your 20s

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Hey friends,

Even though I'm halfway through my 21st year of life, it's still quite weird to acknowledge that I am in my "20s." Surprisingly, living through two decades of life doesn't magically teach you maturity or time-management skills, but your 20s are a great time to learn! I'm not an expert on life yet, but I'm pretty sure your 20s are some of the best and hardest years.


1. It's okay to not have it all together. It'll take you a while to figure it out, and that's okay. 

2. Drinking your coffee black will save you time, money, and health. 

3. It's okay to be yourself. You're actually pretty legit, and other people will envy your confidence. 

4. Your parents are cool. Know them. Appreciate them. 

5. Doing what you love is vital to life. Pursue it. 


6. Learn how to let other people love you. The Lord has made you worthy. 

7. Know your desires, and don't be afraid to chase them.  

8. You don't need to be mentally unstable to see a counselor. There is bravery in facing your problems. 

9. Get in the habit of eating breakfast and healthy foods. You will thank yourself in twenty years. 

10. You need naps more now than you did in Kindergarten. 

11. Know how to give a genuine, humble apology when you are wrong.

12. Draw healthy boundaries in relationships. 

13. Know how to gently and lovingly talk to a friend when conflict arises. 

14. Tone of voice communicates just as much as your words. 

15. Learn how to balance responsibility with spontaneity.  

16. Learn how to forgive and give grace, even if they didn't apologize.  

17. Overcome your fears, but have grace for yourself when you can't. 

18. Your thoughts and other people's comments do not define who you are. 

19. Dressing nice on occasion is not a bad thing...

20. Being young is a beautiful thing, cherish it. 

- Elizabeth "No Rest for the Rad" Moore

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