Why I Love MC

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I love MC. And I want you to love MC too.

Let me put aside my role as an Admissions Counselor, the stats, and the crazy awesomeness that is Mississippi College on paper. (Although, we were the first university to grant a degree to a woman in the U.S. GIRL POWER.) 

Let me, rather, let you into what the brochures, the mail-outs, and emails can’t possibly express. (At least, as best as can be done with words.) In this regard, let me rewind about five years to my senior year in high school.

I’m a big time dreamer and planner. Great, right? Definitely! It’s how God wired me. However, many times my futuristic, dream-big side and safe, Type-A side can conflict. This caused me to apply to about 8 different schools. You know, to “play it safe” but to have lots of options on the table, too.

I’ve also been a diary keeper of sorts since fourth grade. I think this entry from April of 2010 best summarizes the entirety of the college search journey for me.

“… I know wherever I go, I can make it my own experience. I know wherever I go, I can find friends. But I don’t want to settle, either. I want the experiences that lead me to bigger dreams. I want the friends that push me to be a better version of myself. I want to be pushed outside of my comfort zone and be stretched spiritually…”

Very long story short, the Lord led me to MC about three weeks before my high school graduation. I had decided on going to a different school earlier that fall, but during the spring, the Lord shook my world concerning my college decision. I’m here to tell you that, if you pray, the Lord opens and closes the doors He needs to. He will. 

My MC experience was quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to me. I came in a product of expectations, experiences, and emotions that high school had convinced me was my “mold.” The world had convinced me I needed to have my life figured out by 18 years old. My time at MC shattered this paradigm. It led me to a more grounded identity and renewed purpose.

From Day 1 MC was different. From interactions with professors to the girls on my hall, there was nothing normal about MC in the absolute best way. My freshman year, my father deployed in the middle of Homecoming week. I had only told two girls about this, and the next morning I had a basket of goodies, notes, and bible verses at my door from girls on my hall and in my pledge class extending love and encouragement. 

I could tell you about all of the times professors held class outside on the Quad or the times they hosted cook outs at their house to help us as we prepped for finals. I could tell you about the many fun and crazy memories that being in a Tribe entailed (Derby Weeks, Follies practices, Formals in Memphis & New Orleans, Swerve, Date Parties). I could tell you about the time my friends & I drove 12 hours round trip just to see Taylor Swift in concert, or even about the year I attempted flag football intramurals. I could talk for hours about the semester I studied abroad in London, or even about the National Student Government Conference I got to attend in Washington, D.C. Oh! I also got to take a class under the Governor of MS.

What I think sticks out to me the most though, are memories like the 2am life talks I had with my roomie Sarah (who grew to be my best friend). Or the homemade dinners senior year with my friend family as we (quite literally) did life with one another. Or the time Dr. Gann talked for an hour with me as I cried about some tough life decisions.

You can’t understand a place like Mississippi College until you’ve experienced it. It’s not the campus or the incredible academics. MC is a community fueled by the gospel to change lives. It’s a place that taught me to take new experiences and be excited about them. I grew to be a better friend, a stronger woman, and more servant-minded leader. I had people who challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before. My desires became more eternally focused. Mississippi College completely rocked my world. 

Let me rephrase, I love HOW Christ used MC to completely rock my world. And what I love the most? The different stories and experiences of any MC student or alumnus you talk to all have the same theme: How Christ is using MC to change their life, too.

Much Love,


Lover of books, green tea, and Taylor Swift.


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