Inviting Jesus Into Your Everyday

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Hello all! It's Ashton here on this fine Friday afternoon. It's Good Friday and Easter is just three days away. Within the midst of all the Easter baskets and egg hunts and creepy bunny suits, I think that sometimes we forget to look at the power and importance represented by this weekend. This weekend is the representation of our Savior's death and resurrection, and that's something worth talking about.


If we look at the person of Jesus, we find a lot. We see the perfect, sinless man who came to save the lost. We see a friend, a brother, a leader, a teacher, our Savior. We see the model for the life that we are meant to live in His gentle spirit, kind words, and bold acts of love. We see Emmanuel-- God with us. 

God is with us. 

In John 20 and 21, the chapters following the resurrection of Christ, we read about Jesus at His best. I would encourage you to read and reflect on those chapters this week, but for the sake of space and time-- we're going to look at John 21: 1-14. 

I tried to copy and paste the passage in here, but it was too long, so I'm going to sum it up for you...

This was the day after Jesus had defeated death, and He hadn't revealed Himself to His disciples yet. So about half of the disciples were going out fishing to get something to eat for breakfast. The guys were fishing with no luck when a random man (hint: the man is Jesus) calls from the shore asking if they've caught anything. They respond, telling Him no, before He instructs them to cast their net to the right side of the boat. Following Jesus' instruction, their net becomes so full of fish (153 to be exact) that they can't even haul it into the boat. Then John, figuring out that it's Jesus, tells Peter who jumps in the water to swim to the Lord. The rest of the disciples come in on the boat, they have a sweet little reunion, and then Jesus makes them breakfast. Jesus and His disciples sat around a fire, sharing fish and bread and enjoying each others' company. 

Honestly, this sounds like a perfect morning to me. I love Jesus and breakfast and the beach and bonfires; add some coffee to the equation and I would stay there forever. What strikes me the most about this passage is how normal it all is. Jesus doesn't come running down the beach screaming, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!" He is simply living again and is inviting his friends to live alongside him (with the most important meal of the day). 

I want to challenge you all to invite Jesus into your normality. Invite Him into the time you spend eating, doing homework, or even just walking to class. Pray while you're getting ready in the morning and make it a point to spend time in the Word daily. He tells us that He will be with us always (Matthew 28:20), so why don't we act like it? He walks with us everyday-- He is in our hearts and minds, He is in every ounce of creation. Rather than treating our time with Him as something to check off a list, may we live in acknowledgment of the fact that every moment of everyday can be time with Him. 

Friends, listen for Him. Open your ears and hearts and mind to Him in the little moments, like breakfast. The Lord delights in being a part of the big things, but He also wants to be a part of the little details. Let's have breakfast with Jesus. 

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