Spring at MC: a story told in GIFs

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So it's Spring at MC! Welcome to the season of clovers, chacos, and capricious weather...

Spring is a great season, really; a time where rain washes away the dead leaves of winter and brings new life in its place. It's a beautiful season that often gets overlooked by fall fashion,  leafy Instagram photos, and day dreams of coffee-by-the-fire.

Also, every January, a mysterious rumor begins to circulate that spring semester is less busy than fall semester; however, around March, everyone realizes that this rumor is 100% NOT true. Spring semester is insane. It's wonderful and fun, but it's arguably just as busy as the fall. 

Let's take a look at what you might find at MC in the Spring: 

Derby Week- Flags, colors, tanks, relays, and America. Look out because the competition gets pretty fierce.

Spring Fever Week- For all that leftover energy you have after Derby Week.  

Formals/Informals/Date Parties- Pro-Tip: make sure you have a date that likes pizza, you get along with really well, and is Louis from One Direction. 

 Mid-Term Exams- "But the semester literally just started!" 


Rescuing your grades before finals- How did we get here...


Making your summer plans- ...or lack thereof. 

The day the pollen explodes- And so do your allergies. 

Tryin' to get fit for summer- "I work out." 

The weather... "You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no." 

Quaddling and Hammocking. Or worse...both at the same time.  

RAIN... and more rain. Because April showers bring May flowers. 

Chacos everywhere!  As far as the eye can see...

Intramural soccer- 
Everybody hands go up....and they stay there. #win 

Spring Break- 
Such rest. Much chill. No school. 

Recovering from spring break- Back to the grind. 

"Snow Days"-  Checking your email at 6am like... 


The Mid-Semester SlumpLooking at your school-work like...

And finishing your finals like Superman. *mic drop* 

Thanks for sticking around to see a glimpse of MC in the Spring. Even though it's a busy semester, it's actually quite fabulous! To get an actual tour of MC in the Spring, click here


Elizabeth "Fairy Princess" Moore

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