School Supplies Changing Lives

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Hey friends! Ashton here. It's Tuesday and I'm going to tell you about Dot, a company that is changing lives and selling cool stuff.

This semester, I've been working as one of Dot's spring interns alongside Hailey Elder, an MC senior. I work as Dot's Blog & Social Media intern, writing and posting Instagram pictures and loving every minute of it. After two and half months of interning, I like to consider myself a "Dot expert" so I'm going to share what I know and hopefully by the end of this, you'll love Dot too! 

Dot sells school supplies to help provide education for students in Congo, Mexico, and Tanzania. The company was founded in June of 2014 by MC alumni and one of my favorite people, Hallie Darphin.

Like a lot of us, as a junior at MC, Hallie had the dream of living a simple life of dirt roads and dark skinned babies and ankle length skirts. So she ran with that dream and in 2011 Hallie traveled to Uganda to spend the semester loving children and having her eyes opened to her calling. Her time in Uganda gave her a face-to-face look at the brokenness and need around the world. She saw the desperation for sustainability and, as her bio on Dot's website reads, "she realized that the only hope for those deep in poverty is education and the Gospel." 

And so she did something about it. 

A year after returning from Uganda, the Dot dream was born out of a project in an entrepreneurship class at MC. Since launching Dot last June, it has provided school for 11 students in three different countries. Each time someone purchases a Dot product, they can provide a half-day of school for a student in the partner country of their choice. Dot sells journals, pencil sets, and binders (with more products to come)! As a student and user of all Dot products, I can honestly tell you that they're wonderful and useful.

I love working for Dot, y'all. Being a Dot intern means learning to live globally minded while going to school and working another job. It's given me the opportunity to experience the joy of impacting lives and doing good-work while gaining life experience and new friends. Everything Dot does is for a purpose, from the Instagram posts to the pencil packaging. All of us on the Dot team do not work for ourselves, we work for the Lord to change the lives of His children.

Are you interested in the world of give-back companies? Are you passionate about preventing poverty and providing education? Are you a college student? If yes, you have the opportunity to apply to be a Dot intern-- click here to learn more. 

If you want to know more about Dot or purchase our products, you can visit our website-- 

You can also click here to see the article that The Collegian wrote about us! 

Friends, never forget that you have the opportunity to change the world right where you are-- even through purchasing school supplies! Don't hesitate to change lives.

Chocolate, cats, & candles  


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