Caution: Use FOMO Responsibly

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Hey friends! It's Ashton comin' at you on this fine Friday. As the weekend starts and your options roll in, the haze of the FOMO fog begins to cover you. Let's talk about it.

FOMO is the "fear of missing out." I had never heard the term FOMO before the past fall, but once I heard it I realized the reality of it in my own life, and I could see it in the lives of my friends too. It was the topic of a lot of blogs shared on Facebook and the simple reason behind why so-and-so was going to another event and staying out late-- again. 

During all of high school and especially during college, we are told to live it up and soak up every minute, but we're never told that we don't have to do everything. Y'all, it's okay to miss out once and a while if that's what you need to do. 

FOMO is a bittersweet concept. It's sweet because it can often drive you to do more, to experience things you otherwise wouldn't have, and to live a full life. If FOMO wasn't a real thing for me, I wouldn't have experienced (and enjoyed) Lighting of the Quad or Choctaw Fest last semester. FOMO can push you to do fun things-- but it can also push you to do too much!

The "bitter" part of FOMO comes with the nights you don't sleep enough and the days that are too full. Our number one job as a student is to be just that-- a student. If FOMO wins too many times, it can prevent you from studying enough, finishing your homework, or sleeping enough before you take your test. With all the things that we already have on our plate as college students, allowing FOMO to put more things on that plate could result in more stress than we need or deserve. 

Andrew said it really well-- "There's a difference between inspiration and the fear of missing out." Inspiration is healthy and needed and something that comes from our Creator. Being inspired is is joyful thing, being paralyzed by the fear of missing out is not. We have to let ourselves be free to do nothing-- to take deep breaths.


Friends, FOMO is not a bad thing to live under, but that doesn't mean that it's good either. Next time you feel your decisions being influenced by FOMO, brought on by yourself or your friends, think about what's best for you. Don't let yourself be crippled by the expectations you've put on yourself, but rather love yourself well by balancing rest and adventure. 

Use FOMO responsibly and don't forget to be awesome. 

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