25 Ways to Beat the Mid-Semester Slump

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Well hey there, 

It's that time of year again--where the semester hits an uphill grind and it gets really hard to stay in the game. It's like the hump day of the semester, except it lasts for a month. So how do we overcome this insurmountable obstacle? How do we stay on top of life when we're just out of energy? 

Here's 25 quick suggestions, free of charge: 

1. Discover a new Netflix obsession. 
2. Shed some commitments and enjoy your newfound free time. 
3. Make a new "go-to" playlist.
4. Take a day to do absolutely nothing.
5. Cook a meal for some friends. Bonus points if it's a recipe you've never tried. Double bonus points if you make up your own recipe. 
6. Treat yourself to retail therapy and add some freshness to your wardrobe.
7. Go for a new look by getting a new hair cut/color. Or if extreme change scares you, just part your hair on a different side. 
8. Revamp your online presence with a new profile picture, twitter bio, and the works. 
9. Find a new favorite word and use it often. Suggestions: whimsical, idiosyncrasy, nostalgia, eclectic, you get the idea. 
10. Clean out your email and enjoy the mindless productivity. 


20. Spend time with someone older than you and ask them questions about life. 
21. Claim a new "go-to" study spot. 
22. Eat chocolate and don't feel guilty about it. 
23. Go a full 24 hours without social media.
24. Mix up your daily/weekly routine. Do things at different times for a change. 
25. Take naps on occasion. Or nail down a regular sleep schedule. 

11. Watch skateboarding videos (suggestion by Andrew Wilson) 
12. Follow a new hilarious twitter account (like @charltonsoffun, @sammyrhodes, or @RealCarrotFacts). 
13. Spend an entire afternoon outside.
14. Don't keep looking backward. Set news goals and move forward. 
15. Plan a weekend road trip.
16. Spend an entire Saturday off campus.
17. Call your family and remind them that you're alive. 
18. Laugh A LOT and with no inhibitions. 
19. Get back into exercise. 

Now that you have plenty of options, go forth and conquer the mid-semester slump! All it takes is a little intentionality on your part, and before you know it the mid-semester blues will give way to spring. 

Happy almost-spring! 

Elizabeth "whimsical" Moore

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