The Ultimate Solution for Deciding on a College

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Hey Future Choctaws! It's Admissions Counselor (and part time super hero) Michael Wright taking over the blog today. By the end of this, He's going to convince you to come visit us down in the Admissions Office. Challenge accepted. 

Let’s start this thing off with a little test of yes/no questions to ask yourself.   Don’t worry, this won’t be too difficult and I’ve even put the correct answer right beneath each individual question.  Here we go:

1.  Do I enjoy being treated like royalty?

2.  Do I love getting free stuff?

3.  Am I a fan of delicious flavor?

4. Do I like hanging out with really cool people?

5. Am I trying to figure out this thing called my “college decision?”

Ok, how’d it go?  Did you get all five right?  Well, If you answered “yes” to the majority of those questions, especially number five, then I’ve got just the solution for you.

 But before we get to that solution, let’s look back over your last year or two as a high school student and think about how much college paraphernalia you’ve come across.  How many college fairs have you been to where you go from table to table talking with college recruiters and by the time you leave you feel like most of them are all basically saying the same thing?

How many times over the last few months have you trudged out to check the mailbox (you know, to earn brownie points from your parents)  and found it overflowing with brochures, pamphlets, and handwritten notes from all sorts of different universities?  By the time you read every single page (or, let’s be honest, look at all the pictures) each and every one of them look pretty much like the same campus and you can’t distinguish one from the other.  They are all epic shots of bricked buildings, green grass,  the bluest of skies and of course everyone in them is smiling like they’re in Disneyworld. 

What is the best way to differentiate between all the different options?  Are you supposed to take the college recruiter’s word for the place while he’s talking to you at the college fair?  Should you assume that every single face at every single college in those pictures is always smiling? 

If only there was some other way to help make this HUGE decision!   Thankfully, there is.  The best way to get a good understanding of whether that admissions counselor was telling you the truth, that everything is amazing at that campus, and that the program you are wanting to study is great, and that the people are always so happy, and the grass is always so green…is to actually get in the car or board a plane, and step foot on campus. 

Let’s look at it this way, would you buy a car without first test driving it? I mean sure, you can read all about the way the engine purrs, and the seats envelope you to where you don’t even realize you’re sitting down, and the sound system sounds like you’re at Red Rocks listening to your favorite band, and the safety measures are through the roof (so to speak) and so on.  But, until you sit behind the steering wheel, turn the key, and give it some gas, you’re left taking someone else’s word for it. 

That’s exactly what a college visit is all about.  Stepping foot on a college campus for a tour is like your test drive moment  where you can really begin to picture yourself at a specific place.  Hopefully when you go on campus each university will let you feel as much like a student as possible.  Make sure to tour the campus with a current student, sit in a real class, check out the dorms, eat a meal in the cafeteria, talk with current students, meet with a professor from your major field to talk about the curriculum, go to a sporting event, tailgate with the students if you’re there on a Saturday, and anything else you can think of that will help you make your decision.

The beauty of how we do it at MC is that we have our very own campus visit coordinator who is basically like your MC travel agent.  When you click the campus visit link from the website the one and only Angie Hardin begins the process of setting up every possible thing you could want to do while here.  Let her know what you’re interested in doing and by the time you get here and park in your assigned VIP parking spot it will be like you’re stepping out onto the red carpet getting ready to have the time of your life.  You’ll get free stuff, be treated like royalty, taste some amazing food in the caf, hang out with really cool people, AND get farther down the path of making that college decision. 

To sum it up, no matter how big your college list is,  stop taking someone’s word for it, and step foot on an actual campus.   Tour all the places that have a real chance of being a good fit and let the Lord lead you where He wants you to be as one or two will begin to rise to the top. 

So, if MC is on your list, click this link and let our MC travel agent get started on setting up the visit of a  lifetime!

I hope to see you soon!

Michael "The Man" Wright

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