Adventure Soundtrack // Spring Break Playlist

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It's Monday, it's Spring Break, and I'm happy. Ashton here, with a full heart and a heavy coat. I'm in Portland, OR for Spring Break and other MC students are all over the state, country, and world adventuring, serving, and having fun. 

Because Spring Break is all about making memories and seeking adventure, all of us in The Tower figured we would make you a soundtrack. Ladies and gents, here you have the SB2K15 Playlist. Let's do this. 

When I was diligently working to make this supreme collection of music, I was picturing long car rides, tired eyes, and wide smiles. I'm talking driving with a car full of friends with the windows open and your hair getting tangled and this playlist screaming through the speakers. 

Not convinced enough to follow it? Here are some sample songs. 

step out- jose gonzalez

blood- the middle east

silhouettes- colony house // 
fun fact: colony house is coming to mc for spring fever week!

stolen dance- milky chance

cheap sunglasses- RAC ft. matthew Koma

Well friends, that's that. 

You can find the full playlist by clicking here. I hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it! 

Enjoy and stuff,

Hater of whipped cream, the cha-cha slide, & spinach

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