Calling All Artists!

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Calling all artists! Hi. It's Ashton here to tell you about the most creative, colorful, and unique department on campus-- the Art Department. Let me paint you a picture (I apologize for that incredibly cheesy joke). 

The Art Department is located in Aven Hall along with the Communication and Music Departments. The department website lists their objectives as:

  • Inspire a Christ-centered department
  • Identify a strategic direction for the department
  • Improve and maintain facilities and equipment
  • Implement a recruitment plan for the department
  • Increase student involvement in department events and activities

If you are a prospective student interested in the Art Department, you have multiple degree options! You can receive a Bachelor of Arts in either Graphic Design, Interior Design, or Studio Art. There is also the option of a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design with Marketing Concentration, Graphic Design, or Interior Design. Along with B.A. and B.S. degrees, the Art Department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in either sculpting, ceramics, or painting. If you're interested in being an Art teacher, there's also the option of receiving a degree in Art Education. It's a department full of options for every art student. The department faculty meets you where you are with your artistic abilities and give you room to grow and create!

To receive an art degree, you must complete 21 hours of junior-senior level art courses. Students also have the option to receive a minor in Studio Art, Art History, or Residential Design after taking 18-19 hours of designated art classes. 

Lauren Fiegle, a junior __ major says that her favorite part of the Art Department is the community. She said, "They [the faculty] push you to do your best work, and have been able to show me my potential during my time here. You can tell the professors love what they do!" 

Every art student I know loves their major and every professor I know loves their job. The Art Department offers a special spark to MC's campus. If you're interested in pursuing an art degree, you can check out their website by clicking here

Good luck in your artistic journey, friends! May you paint a million canvases and sculpt a thousand statues. 

Ashton "I have no artistic ability" Ray

Special thanks to art students Lauren Fidgle, Sara Gatlin, and Shelby Swede for providing me with pictures for this blog and providing the world with beautiful art! 

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