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Hello all! Ashton here. Today, we're going to talk about a key part of what makes MC wonderful-- our Campus Activities Board, better known as CAB.

CAB is a group of students who host on-campus events for the student body throughout the year. They are made up of about 25-30 students, called "Cabbies" and are lead by the CAB Chairperson (a student elected by the entire student body) and our Director of Student Engagement, Dannie Woods. These students are some of the best around; they're enthusiastic and passionate about serving campus. Their motto, "Service minded, action driven" speaks for itself in telling why CAB does what they do. Throughout the year, CAB works to host events that offer a variety of events that appeal to every aspect of campus life. 

They put on events that are unforgettable, unique, and make campus life more exciting. MC wouldn't be the same without them. 

CAB events have become a part of MC tradition-- the students love attending them and CAB loves hosting them. Let's take a look at some of CAB's traditional events!

Choctaw Fest

Choctaw Fest is a concert that CAB hosts in the fall, featuring different MC-loved artists. This year, our Choctaw Fest artists were John & Jacob and Matt Wertz. Along with great music, CAB served Cracker Barrel biscuits and milk for us to enjoy while we listened to the music! Other years, CAB has hosted artists such as Andrew Ripp, Emily Hern, and Dave Barnes! 


Lighting of the Quad (LOTQ)

My boss and former Cabbie just exclaimed, "Lighting of the Quad is always good!" LOTQ is every Christmas-lover's favorite event. There is a Club & Tribe Gingerbread House contest, endless amounts of hot chocolate, and more tacky sweaters than you can count. For this event, Cabbies turn into Santa's elves and the quad magically grows Christmas trees. It's the stuff, y'all. 

Spring Fever Week

This is my personal favorite. It's another week full of events, starting with the yearly crawfish boil and ending with a concert. This week is an easy stress reliever towards the end of the semester. The concert features artists who are also MC-loved; last year CAB hosted Penny & Sparrow, Judah & The Lion, and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors on the brick streets. It was without a doubt one of my favorite weeks of my freshman year. 


Other annual CAB events include Common Sounds, Winter Welcome Week, Student Sections, a Mardi Gras event, and Midnight Movie Premieres. Along with their traditional events, CAB hosts new, creative events that Cabbies think up and execute for our enjoyment. 

All MC students are thankful for what CAB does and we love what they do for our student body. I meant what I said-- MC wouldn't be what it is without our Campus Activities Board. 

Current students, next time you see a CAB event, make sure you make plans to attend! Future Choctaws, continue to anticipate all the wonderful things you'll experience once you're on campus-- CAB events included! 

Until next time,

Bears are my favorite animal.

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