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Hey there, future Choctaws! It's Andrew here hoping to break down some walls of mystery that surround the curious document known as the FAFSA. My tenth grade English teacher always encouraged us to "eschew obfuscation" or avoid confusion in our writing. This blog will offer insight into the FAFSA's purpose.

Just kidding... It's not that bad

What is the FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for "Free Application for Federal Student Aid." This is the Federal Government's method of assessing what kind of Federal Aid you qualify for. To fill out a FAFSA, parents need to complete their tax return and apply for a PIN for themselves and their students.

The money you can receive from filling out the FAFSA comes from the government, not the school. It is broken into three categories:

  1. Loans
  2. Grants
  3. Work Study

Everybody qualifies for loans, and some families will qualify for grants or work study. This is based on your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), which is determined by the FAFSA.  You have to pay back loans, but not grants or work study.

The MC Grant 

The MC Grant is an additional scholarship from Mississippi College that is based on your EFC. About 90% of families qualify for this need-based scholarship.  So even though you may not expect to receive anything from filing the FAFSA, we encourage students to fill it out in hopes of them possibly receiving an MC Grant. 

MC has a toned down, unofficial version of the FAFSA on our website called the Net Price Calculator. Filling out the NPC is beneficial for several reasons. First, it gives you a good estimate of how much it will cost for you to attend MC. Secondly, it will give you a good indication of what other aid will be available for you if you file the FAFSA. Once you fill out the NPC, our Admissions Counselors can walk you through your scholarships and awards. 

For more information on scholarships, visit our website

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and don't fear the FAFSA!

-Andrew, Choctaw, Arsenal Fan, Baller

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