Department Highlight: Music

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Hello fellow school-attenders, 

We're back to highlight another superb department of MC academia! Since I've already told you all about my beloved English department, let's go to another department where I spend lots of time. This week the spotlight is shining on the Music Department. 

As a senior in high school, I debated between pursuing an English major or a Music major. Eventually, I chose the English route, but I still kept Music as my minor! 

Even as a minor, I've learned a lot about the Music department and how they operate. The first thing you need to know is, the Music department is not for the faint of heart. It's a lot of time, hard-work, and dedication. But if you love it, it's more than worth it! 

Located in Aven Hall, the Music Department offers a wide range of Bachelor and Masters degrees. A few of the Bachelor's degree selections are: 

  • Bachelor of Music in Performance: Instrumental, Organ, Piano, Voice, or Voice with an emphasis in Music Theatre
  • Bachelor of Music in Church Music: Instrumental, Keyboard, Voice
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition 
  • Bachelor of Music Education: Instrumental, Piano, or Voice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music: Instrumental, Piano, or Voice

All music students have chosen from these degree choices and are being trained through music theory, aural skills, ensembles, recitals, applied lessons, and workshops. 

Students from all over the University (not just music students) participate in MC Singers, Women's Chamber choir, Men's Glee choir, Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Opera/Music Theatre Workshop. The music department also puts on a musical each fall. The past few productions have included Les Miserables, Guys and Dolls, and South Pacific. 

If you were to visit the Music Department, you might find students hard at work in the practice rooms, in Singers rehearsal, attending a recital in JPW Recital Hall, or chilling on the super trendy furniture in Aven lobby. 

Music students are mentored by some of the most qualified professors in the state and form a close community alongside each other.  

The Music Department is dedicated to developing professional performers, musicians, instructors, and artists. Many graduates have gone on to become church musicians and leaders, qualified teachers, successful grad students, award winning vocalists, and published composers. 

Interested in learning more about the Music Department? Contact your Admissions Counselor or the Music Department directly at 601-925-3440 or Also check out their website for more in depth info! 

Thanks for reading! 

Elizabeth "music minor" Moore

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