Admissions Checklist: What's Next?

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Friends, Romans, high school seniors. Lend me your ears. 

It's me, the former blogger turned Admissions Counselor. You've made it to the middle of your senior year--congrats! 

This fall was a whirlwind of applications, transcripts, ACT scores, and housing fees. Ya'll have done a great job staying on top of things so far (most of you...). But at this point in the year, college requirements can get a little confusing. You might even be wondering, "What have I already done? What do I have left to do? How do I know I'm not messing everything up?" 

Allow me to be of assistance. 

First of all, you're not messing everything up. You're doing great and everyone feels the same way. Befriend your Admissions Counselor and let us help. Plus we're models, so... 

Second of all, I've made 2 checklists for you: 

1. What you did this fall (Or should have done. If you haven't yet, no worries, just do it).
2. What you have left to do this spring

We want to be as clear as possible, so if anything is confusing or complicated or in Greek, call your Admissions Counselor! Seriously. It's our job and we love it. 

Okay. Here we go!

What you did this fall, or need to do ASAP

  • Apply! 
  • Ask your guidance counselor to send us your official high school transcript
  • Send us your official ACT/SAT scores
  • Possibly retake the ACT/SAT to get a better score and more scholarship money. 
  • Fill out the Net Price Calculator to estimate your scholarship amount
  • Pay your housing fee
  • Come to Preview Day or come visit with your Admissions Counselor. 

What you have left to do this Spring

  • Anything on the first list you haven't done yet :) 
  • Email, fax, or drop off a copy of your MMR shot record. 
  • File your FAFSA. It opens in January and can be completed once you or your parents get their taxes back. 
  • Sign up for your residence hall room starting on February 2!
  • Send us your official FINAL high school transcript after your graduate high school. 
  • Send us your official FINAL college transcript if you're getting dual credit (also after your graduate). 
  • Apply for outside scholarships. Ask your guidance counselor, your church, Google, etc. These are super helpful and add up quickly! Every little bit helps. 
  • Sign up for the Presidential Scholarship Competition if you have at least a 29 on the ACT or 1280 (reading & math) on the SAT. 
  • Join the MC Class of 2020 Facebook page. This is good stuff right here. 

There you have it. Let your Admissions Counselor know if you ever need help! We love you guys and can't wait for y'all to finally be Choctaws!

- Elizabeth

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