Treasure and Ponder

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The Christmas season is upon us at last! Hey friends, it's Emma here and I am so pumped that Christmas will be here in three days! Three. Days. SO much joy. This season is bustling with life and brings with it so many good things. If you're like me, in the midst of going home, buying presents, reuniting with family and friends, and everything in between it is so easy to lose focus on the purpose of Christmas. 

One of the hardest things to do in this season is to find time in the middle of the craziness to be still. The Christmas story gives us a great example of someone who took time in the chaos of Christmas to reflect on what is truly important: Mary. 

Right after the birth of Jesus, there was a lot of craziness happening. There were shepherds, animals, and all sorts of stuff going on all around her. We're told in Luke 2:19 that "Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart." The same thing happens later in the chapter after Jesus separated from His parents in Jerusalem and spend the day at the temple teaching. There were thousands of people in Jerusalem and Mary had lost her son in the midst of it all. Once Mary and Joseph were reunited with Jesus, Luke 2:52 says again that "She treasured up all these things in her heart." 


I don't know what life has been like for you in the 300-something days since last Christmas, but if it's been anything like mine, then Christmas and New Years is a much needed break. My year has been hard and full of many changes and I'm looking forward to resting, eating too much food, and reflecting on how the Lord has brought me through the past year. It's so important to ponder and reflect just like Mary did.  Mary was able to be still and enjoy the presence of the Father because she relied on Him completely to be her constant hiding place in the midst of life. 

I don't know what this season looks like for you but I do know that it's the perfect time to refocus. Wear a tacky sweater, drink some Christmas coffee, and spend time hanging out with Jesus. He is the ultimate reason that we can celebrate this time of year and the only place that we can find true rest that will refresh us.

Wishing you lots of Christmas joy and Christmas rest!

Stay merry and bright,

Your favorite Elf-quoting, flannel-wearing, Christmas music-loving blogger (Emma)