You lift bro?

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So you're thinking about hitting the gym and you don't exactly know where to start? Well at Choctawk, we have put together a few tips to help any beginner get started on the road to fitness. 

Get up and get active 

Set some realistic goals that you can accomplish before setting out for the gym, never go without a plan. You will need to do a little research beforehand, and you will be good to go. Most gyms, including the Healthplex here on campus,  offer new member, introduction classes on which to get started. Don't be afraid to seek some wisdom from friends or staff that have more experience than you. It will definitely pay off in the end. 

Have fun with it 

Don't feel pressured to do workouts if they don't jive with you or if you are uncomfortable doing the workout. Working out should not be something that you dread doing. There are definitely workouts that you can find that will fit more with your personality. There are hundreds of different classes  you can take. Whether if you like group workouts or workouts of varying intensity to match your pace, there is something out there for you. 

Find a Buddy

Everything is much easier when you have a consistent, challenging partner to take with you. Whether you are a competitive person or not, its good to have a motivator there to keep you going through the entire workout. 

Don't over work yourself 

I know this one seems like a no "brainer," but it is far easier to push past your limits than you think. Find a good pace for your body type based off of your goals and stick to it. Be careful when using free weights and always have a spotter. 

Rest for the weary 

Rest days are just as important as sticking to your workout. What I'm afraid you may have read was that cheat days are as important as sticking to your workout, but don't use a rest day as an excuse to gorge yourself on all the junk you want. Let your muscles rebuild and stick to a healthy lifestyle. 

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the blog,  I definitely had fun writing it. This is Cole, until next time.