Top Five Strengths

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As a Freshman at Mississippi College, you have the opportunity to take an aptitude test that gives you a list of your top five strengths. These strengths come from a list of thirty-four and reflect your personality. Knowing one's strengths establishes a common vocabulary across campus to discuss what you are good at and allows you to relate well with other people.

My top five strengths are:


Positivity is pretty straightforward. I see the bright side. I'm an optimist. I've often said, "Just because you're awake doesn't mean you have to stop dreaming." Positivity is more than seeing the glass half full. It means that you'll make the best out of a situation even when there isn't any water in the glass at all. 


Adaptability is synonymous with flexibility. I may not be competent in gymnastics, but I respond well to my environment. Like a chameleon, people with this strength are responsive to outside factors and apt to change. I may keep an exhaustive calendar, but I'm almost always down for an adventure. Spontaneity, serendipity, adaptability. 


I'm not sure if ideation is even a real word. It means creativity. Brainstorming and problem solving meet in the confluence of  thoughts of people with this strength. Their life is an assemblage of elaboration and a preponderance of ideas.


Belief deals with fundamental values. Mumford and Sons let out a song called "Believe" this year. Part of it says, "I don't even know if I believe." People with the belief strength are the opposite. They are rooted in their faith with a tenacity based in truth. This doesn't mean that they are rigid or unyielding. It means that they are sound in foundation.


Everything is connected. Have you ever seen a detective movie with red threads stretched between photos and maps? That's how a connected mind works. People with this strength draw comparisons between seemingly unrelated things. They are great with relating with others or making analogies.

So, there you have it. These are my top five strengths. When you come to MC, you can take this test and join the conversation. 

Until next time,


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