Dream a Little

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I still remember my freshman year of college when the realization hit me--in a few years, I could go anywhere. I could literally pick up and move anywhere. Would I? I had no idea. But it was an option that thrilled me. 

Hello world! It's me, Elizabeth, I'm back again. Actually, I never left. I just graduated and moved to a big-girl office downstairs. Come visit me

If you're just discovering this blog, then you should know that I wrote for the Choctawk blog for three years before graduating and starting my current job as an Admissions Counselor. You should also know that I've always been a believer in identifying your dreams/passions and being willing to pursue them. 

I graduated college bursting with dreams so big that they teetered on the edge of anticipation and disappointment. But as I settled into a new normal of a job and having to trust God more than I ever had, I realized I was living abundantly in tons of smaller dreams rather than one big one (that will likely take years or decades to finally happen).


So I started thinking about the smaller dreams: not the life-altering revolution that captivated my attention for years, but smaller gifts that I had taken for granted.  And when I got into the habit of living in the gratitude of these small gifts, I freely lived in the deepest contentment. 

I still have huge dreams that seem to both tower over me and boost me onward. But I've started celebrating the dreams that are happening right now. 

Last year (my senior year of college) I celebrated life in the Lighthouse with my five best friends. We made pancakes and bacon on Saturday mornings. We almost broke two Keurigs from overuse. We yelled "love y'all!" as we ran through the house on our way to class. We lived the lackluster reality of dirty dishes, Netflix addictions, and laundry days. Whimsical and real. 

And now? I'm surrounded by tiny dreams, soft echos of my hearts desire, and it's given me an entirely new perspective.

I live in a cozy house with a brilliant roommate and her snuggly cat. I work with people I love and who love me. I spend half of my days in a rental car, airport, or hotel room and IT'S PAID FOR. I see dear friends every day whose relationships are more life-giving than ever before. I have a coffee place where the baristas don't need to ask if I want room for cream. I have a living room full of arm chairs and books, and I eat yogurt and granola on my way out the door in the mornings. I talk about poetry and literature with others who are learning alongside me. I laugh so much and feel free to cry when I need to. 


These are the things I'm thankful for. 

It's good to have big dreams that are a little bit scary, but don't forget the other dreams that have already come to pass. Even if they are little, they are reminders that the Lord is faithful and true. They are certainly not given because we deserve them, but because our Father is good and abundant. 

So what do you want? The big and the small? 

Seriously, make a list, people. Because chances are, they are happening right now. Enjoy the little dreams while you're pursuing your big ones. 

Squeeze all the goodness out of the little stuff because those can make your heart swell too. 

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