Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody

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'Tis this season of guys in ties and girls in pearls. That's right, it's formal and informal season. With that being said, let's brush up on our vocabulary and etiquette. 


This event is more local, usually somewhere in the surrounding areas of Jackson and the occasional trip to Vicksburg. Girls dress in short dresses, and friends group up to go grab a nice dinner before. The setting is obviously more casual but you still have a jammin' time.



This is usually made into a weekend long event because formal is normally out of state. Memphis, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Birmingham are popularly picked locations. Girls wear long formal dresses, and dinner is normally served. Lots of memories are made because you're spending a weekend away with some of your best friends. 

formal ST2.jpg

"Will you go ...?"

Asking the right date is KEY to a great night/weekend. Some people ask with cute puns and posters, others simply ask in person or over text. Sometimes people ask their crush while others ask a pal. Whatever you do, just make sure to be yourself and have a blast! Still don't know how to ask? Check out Andrew's blog!


Is gift receiving or gift giving your love language? Well perfect because informal/formal gifts are a thing! This is just a little something you get your date to say 'thanks for asking me' or 'thanks for going with me'.


Double Function Assumption

For those of you who don't know, this is a title tacked to those couples who have attended two or more functions together. Obviously they're a thing right? Well maybe, but let's try not to jump to conclusions. Also, if you have the fear of DFA, try to limit yourself to one function per semester with that person.  


Pinning, usually done at their first fall event, is when the new actives of the club or tribe officially become active after about six weeks of pledging. 

Baby Beau/Sweetheart

While most clubs and tribes announce during the school year, there's a few that reveal their baby beau or sweetheart at their formal or informal. Beau's are the brothers of a tribe, and Sweetheart's are the sisters of a club. 

Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel is the classic song played to signify the end of the event. Everyone slows down and grabs their date to swing dance. Or if you're at a Shawreth function the night will end with the classic Don't Stop Believin'.

Now, go out and have the time of your lives as this season of festivities is upon us. Best wishes!

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