University Place

In the fall of 2015, Mississippi College unveiled its newest set of residence halls, University Place. Located across the street from the Baptist Healthplex, these apartment-style housing options offer more space for upperclassmen. Tucker Ward, a junior from Pensacola, Florida, shared his experience living in University Place so far.


Here's what Tucker had to say...

On size

 "I enjoy University Place very much. As far as living space, there is plenty of space. Because I have my own room and shared living space, it balances the smaller size of the bedrooms."

On community

"I enjoy the community among the apartments of University Place. Within my own pod, I am surrounded by my close friends. It provides more focused community. There is a good community across Mississippi College, but University Place acts as a hub for upperclassmen who are like-minded."

On visitation

"Visitation has been really good. There are extended hours as compared to the rest of campus, so that's really cool." 

On food

"As far as food goes, I've really enjoyed learning about cooking. Making my own food has opened opportunities to reach out to friends and meet to eat together. It sounds simple, but those have been some of my favorite memories this semester."

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