Homecoming Traditions

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We've all heard that MC is like home away from home, and each year, the alumni COME back HOME for... HOMECOMING. I'm sure you didn't see that coming. Anyways, here at MC, Homecoming Week is an extremely special time, full of tradition and celebration. If you're new to the MC Bubble, you're probably wondering why certain things have been happening, and the answer is tradition. 

So without further ado, here are the Homecoming Traditions which are held near and dear to every Choctaw's heart. 

1. Choctaw Cheer Off

If you've been keeping up with the Choctawk recently, we've been posting about general rush, as well as the Clubs/Tribes. Each year, the pledges of each Club/Tribe perform a cheer during Homecoming Week to pump the Choctaws up to win the game. This is a great way to see the personalities of each Club and Tribe and to get ready for the big game Saturday. 

2. Follies 

Although everyone loves Choctaw Cheer Off, Follies is the real gem of Homecoming Traditions. Well, it's my favorite. Each pledge class of the Clubs and Tribes perform a ten minute "mini-musical." There's song, dance, acting, and laughter. Some of the themes have been The Lion King, Annie, Mulan, The Great Gatsby, and Boy Meets World. After Follies, the Clubs and Tribes stay to decorate their floats for the parade. Pulling an all-nighter after the thrill of performing is one of my favorite memories from Freshman year. 


3. The Civitan Drum

After Follies ends the day before of Homecoming, the Civitan pledges begin to beat the famous Civitan Drum. This drum, which can be heard from all corners of campus, does not stop until the kick off of the Homecoming game. Keep on ear out for the drum on Saturday!


4. The Parade

What's a celebration without a parade? In addition to tailgating all day Saturday, MC has a parade around campus. The Homecoming Maids ride in convertibles, and the Clubs and Tribes build incredible floats based around a common theme, such as monumental events on campus. 

5. Alumni Events

Starting the Thursday of Homecoming Week each year, the alumni events begin. These events range from a brunch to a golf tournament to tailgating. MC is proud to welcome hundreds of alumni home each year. For a full list of this year's alumni events, click here

Now that you know our Homecoming Traditions, get out and paint the town blue and gold! 

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