10 Clever Ways to Ask Someone to a Dance

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Bird 1: Hey

Bird 2: What's up?

Bird 1: What are you doing Friday night?

Hello there,

Andrew here with a bit of social observation and some tips on how to survive the vortex of the world of dances. 

At some point, it has become socially expected for there to be an elaborate process to asking someone to a dance. #HoCo (Homecoming) and PROMposals are popping up at high schools all across America. This trend is widespread on college campuses as well. The following blog includes further commentary on this phenomenon and a few suggestions of creative ways to ask someone to a dance.

My two favorite ways that I have seen are "The Moses" and "The Gorilla." "The Moses" involved  a guy dressed up like the leader of the Exodus holding two tablets asking a girl to an upcoming event. In "The Gorilla" the guy wore a ape costume into the coliseum and held up a poster that said, "I'd go bananas if you went to formal with me.

Maybe these are a little overboard, but I think they are fun. If you don't want to wear a costume, that's fine, just make sure you follow the general format. There is normally an awkward approach. This comes in many forms, whether that is a phone call or a slow walk-up with a poster or small gift. Everybody gets jitters, but it's part of the experience. Next, there is usually a pun of some sort. I'm not sure why, but just throw a dad-joke in there and you'll be fine. Finally, there is some type of followup. This is the part where you post a pic on Instagram, maybe exchange phone numbers and get their t-shirt size. (Because everything has a t-shirt that goes with it.)

I'd say the sky is the limit, but there are footprints on the moon. (I saw that somewhere on Twitter.) Anyway, here's a list:

  • Bring them their favorite snack. Everybody likes to eat. Get some ice cream, cheese fries, Chick-fil-a, whatever floats their boat.
  • Spell it out with something big. Grab some friends and make human letters, spell it out with leaves, make a question mark out of tennis balls, etc...
  • Kittens/Puppies. Need I say more?
  • Send them on a scavenger hunt. These take a while to plan, but they end up being fun.
  • Write a note/poem/song/rap/children's book. 
  • Dress up like a fortune teller and tell them you see dancing in their future. (This may be super lame, but please go for it.)
  • The Crime Scene: Lie on the ground with a chalk line. "I'm dying to go to (the event) with you."
  • Character. (yes, this is another costume idea) Dress up like a TV show character or Movie. Hunger Games, Avengers, Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, something from Netflix that isn't weird.
  • The Uncle Sam: "I want you to go to (the event) with me."
  • Just ask them face to face. Some value simplicity. 

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. It's not that big of a deal. Don't feel like you need to make it one. Stay cool, stay frosty.


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