Jackson, MS: State Street

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A term that you'll hear at MC is "The Bubble," which refers to the small town, close-knit community feel that we have here on campus. I love living in a small town like Clinton, but it's also nice to get away and have more options. Luckily for us, Jackson is just a thirty minute drive away and offers a variety of museums, restaurants, and experiences. 

Although I want to encourage you to explore all of Jackson, there is one area that is a great place to start: State Street. You can exit from the interstate right onto State Street and travel from Downtown Jackson to Fondren, both of which I love to explore and visit. 

Downtown Jackson

Downtown Jackson is full of adventure. Museums, restaurants, theatres, and more can be found here. State Street is home to some of Downtown Jackson's best attractions. 

  • Jaco's Tacos: If you love Mexican food, look no further. Jaco's Tacos offers incredible options, like their Fried Chicken Taco. Yes, you read that right. A Fried Chicken TACO. Take the risk and try it. No regrets will be necessary.  

  • Deep South Pops: A recent addition to State Street, Deep South Pops has taken Jackson by storm. I recommend the Strawberry Basil or the Grapefruit Rosemary, which is pictured below. You can also get a Popsicle Float. Try the Buttermilk in an orange soda, my personal favorite. 
  • Old Capitol Museum: This is Jackson's oldest building and was the home of Mississippi government from 1829-1903. It's definitely worth a visit, especially around Christmastime when it's decorated. 
  • Thimblepress: If you dream of store full of stationary, home goods, art prints, and confetti poppers, look no further than State Street, home to Thimblepress. Celebrate moments, big and small, with their products. Thimblepress is also home to their pets, lovingly referred to as "Thimblepets." 


  • Walker's: Walker's Drive-In is an iconic part of Fondren. Stop in for blue plate specials, po-boys, salads, and more. It's one of the top restaurant picks when eating in Jackson, and it's the epitome of Fondren architecture. 
  • Rooster's: Located inside of Fondren Corner, Rooster's has been serving the Jackson community for about 30 years. Stop in Fondren Corner for some classic Southern food at Rooster's, and then hop over to La Brioche for dessert! 


  • Sneaky Beans: This is the place to get coffee in Fondren. One any day you could stumble upon a book signing or a record release. Known for its local coffee and art, Sneaky Beans is the perfect place to curl up with a cozy cup of coffee.
  • Campbell's Bakery: Last, but certainly not least, on our list is Campbell's Bakery. Home of teacakes, sugar cookies, pies, petit fours, and more, Campbell's is one of my favorite places on State Street. They also serve sugar and gluten free items! 

So now that you know what to expect on State Street, get out there and do your own exploring. Find your own favorite places, and then comment and let us know what you discovered.

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