Profound Professors: Daniel White

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He is the self-proclaimed "Friend of the writing center." Characterized by zany humor and passion for writing, this English instructor lightens the heavy subject of composition. His students know him for saying "huzzah" and quizzing them about their recent adventures during roll call. He said it best, "I'm high energy. That's what I bring."  I'd like to introduce you to this week's profound professor, Daniel White. 

College Experience

Initially, Daniel White was a painting/ fine art major before he switched to English Literature. He said, "I had an instructor that was available, open and had a conversational approach to literature. (In literature), there were windows to parts of the world that I could never see. This desire (to learn literature) drove me through undergraduate as well as graduate school.

However, a change happened in graduate school. He had to take a tutoring course for zero hours of credit. While most students hated it, Daniel White loved it. The professor "opened our eyes and I learned about teaching. This led me to the writing center.

Subject: Composition and Rhetoric

While he taught literature at his previous university, Mr. White focuses on writing here. "The best thing I teach is English 398- Practicum in Writing Consulting. It's the most rewarding work I've ever done." Training writing center tutors lets students grow and prepares them to help others grow. He described this process as the closest thing to discipleship as a professor. They learn an ideology, then pass it on. He also teaches research writing. His goal is "to equip students for the cold and critical world of academic work."


  • Manage your commitments. There are great opportunities. Do those. They are a benefit to the academic work at college. Don't lose sight of why you're here.
  • Make your assignments your own. Don't settle for anything less. Bring your passions into your school work.
  • Make good life choices. Don't make poor life choices.

Why study English writing?

"We teach you a new way to see your world. If you want to notice how people are communicating, adapt to that, and use it to communicate back, then writing is for you.
We want our students to be able to communicate & interact in any environment. There is an element of social justice involved because understanding other communities engenders compassion. The writing center is the best example of this. The tutors learn who you are, what the assignment is, and then mold you into a better writer."


Daniel White is outward focused. He recognizes the platform that his position provides and realizes his passions in the classroom. He said, "I care about my practice and I want to make it better. I want my students to think that I help them achieve their goals." He possesses a fierce determination to see others become better.

I will find a means to make myself and the individual excited about the work we are doing.

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